About Us


To be the first choice for local news in DeKalb County.  The first choice means being the first place the residents of DeKalb County go to find their local and community news.

To be the unbiased, county-wide voice of DeKalb County



To be the voice of unity for a culturally diverse county.

To seek-out and promote others in the community who share in our vision of unity; to showcase our differences while learning from these differences how together we can create a better DeKalb for all.

To be recognized as an exceptional leader in our community and to conduct all relationships with an emphasis on long-term mutual success and satisfaction, rather than short term gains.

To earn the trust and respect of our clients, elected officials, co-workers and subscribers as being a company of honesty, integrity, and responsibility.

To provide an environment of positive attitude and action to accomplish our vision by increasing positive feedback and recognition at all levels of the company.

To use our resources, knowledge, diversity and collective experience to create a commonly linked community.  A community linked by the first choice for news, The Champion, in which all ethnic, business, and social groups are given equal representation and are treated fairly in all aspects of printed communication.

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