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Legal Advertising Procedures, Guidelines and Deadlines

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The Champion newspaper
Legal advertising Dept.
P.O. Box 1347
Decatur, Ga., 30031-1347

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114 New Street, Suite E
Decatur, Ga. 30030.
Office hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mon. – Fri.

Jackie Bryant, Legal Advertising Manager
Telephone: 404-373-7779, Ext. 109
FAX:  404-371-1359


 Terms and Conditions of Legal Advertising in The Champion Newspaper

General cost for legal notices is $10 per 100 words (or any part thereof) per insertion. For exact cost quotes, contact the legal advertising department. Certain categories of legal advertising notices have specific costs set by the State of Georgia. Notices of convictions are a flat rate of $25. Notices of corporations are a flat rate of $40 for two insertions.

Based on name change forms provided by DeKalb County Superior Court the typical cost is $40; however, multiple names may exceed the maximum word count and additional charges may be incurred. The newspaper will notify the appropriate person if the maximum word count has been exceeded.

Legal advertising notices require pre-payment unless client has an established account in good standing with ACE III Communications. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, credit card, money orders or checks. Check funds will be verified prior to publishing; typical funds verification period varies depending on the bank(s) involved. Please submit money orders in the correct amount and endorsed to The Champion Newspaper to be ensured of timely publication of legal notices.

Any legal notices that exceed the base cost due to the number of words will not publish until additional payment is received by the publisher. The newspaper will notify the appropriate person if the maximum word count has been exceeded. Charges will be made at the time of publication. Any refunds or additional charges incurred due to cancellations or modifications will be applied at the end of the publication period.

 **NOTE: Should ad cost decrease or increase due to modification or cancellation, the amount will be refunded to your card at the end of the originally requested publication schedule.
When submitting legal notices in-person, via, fax or email please specify number of times notice should be published. Please verify that all notices submitted for publication have correct contact information including address and telephone number. If legal notice publishing requests are handwritten, please print legibly. Any person or firm placing a legal notice in The Champion newspaper accepts the responsibility of reading the first publishing of such notice to verify accuracy and shall notify The Champion of any required revisions before 3 p.m. on the Friday following the first publication.


As of June 1, 2013 affidavits will no longer be provided free of charge. Additional requested services will charged based on the following fee structure.

PUBLISHER€™S AFFIDAVIT: $20. REPLACEMENT INVOICES, TEARSHEETS OR AFFIDAVITS (Note: Initial tearsheets and invoices will be sent immediately following the first date of publication at no cost.) Within 30 days of final publishing date: $50; 30-90 days of final publishing date: $75; 90-365 days of final publishing date: $100; 365 days plus from final publishing date will be on an €˜as available€™ basis and a cost estimate will be provided on request. ELECTRONICALLY TRANSMITTED REPLACEMENT INVOICES, TEARSHEETS OR AFFIDAVITS: $10 per page, not to exceed $250 per request

Note: Initial hardcopy tearsheets and invoices will be sent immediately following the first date of publication at no cost.

CANCELLATION FEES: No charge for cancellations received prior to deadline for first insertion; after one week: 50% of total fee; after two weeks: 75% of total fee; after three weeks: 90% of total fee. ADDITIONAL TEARSHEETS: $5

Legal advertising deadline information

General deadline is 12:00 noon, one week prior to subsequent Thursday publishing date Federal holidays may alter advertising deadlines. If placing legal notices during any holiday period please consult with our office regarding possible deadline revisions.

Foreclosure sales, Sheriffs sales, Marshal sales and Tax sales are held on the courthouse steps on the first Tuesday of each month. Foreclosure notices and Tax Sales notices generally publish four consecutive weeks prior to the first Tuesday of each month.

Deadlines, publishing and sale dates for 2015 court sales are below:



Deadline is at noon

* Early deadline (Tuesday at noon)

1. The Champion will not be responsible for any errors that occur in transmission, including identification and notification that an error has occurred. Publication of any transmission as received fulfills the obligation of our publication to the sending client.Terms and conditions of placing legal advertising
2. The Champion shall not be held responsible for any transmission directed to the publication but not received by it. The decision of the publication shall be final on determining receipt of any message.

3. The Champion has no reasonable way to confirm authenticity of a transmission received or whether it was transmitted by an authorized agent of a legal client and shall not be held responsible for determining this.

4. All clients using fax or e-mail for transmission of legal data agree to hold publication harmless for consequences of any breach of confidentiality which might occur.

5. Facsimile and e-mail submissions cannot replace the submission of accurate source documents but can provide a quicker, easier way to transmit such data for those who wish to use it. We are glad to cooperate by implementing fax and e-mail availability after clarifying user risks as identified currently.



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