DeKalb Glass Recycling Program

Georgia’s Junior Leagues Participate in Inaugural Little Black Dress Initiative


  Georgia has one of the highest poverty rates for children in the United States at over 26 percent. Some statistics say that 40+ percent of single family homes are living below the poverty line. Growing up in poverty is one of the greatest threats to healthy child development. Poverty and financial stress can impede […]

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Bookstore plots ‘brave new chapter’

The store features material reflecting “diverse and marginalized voices.”

  The small pastel building in Little Five Points that now houses 41-year-old Charis Books and More as well as its companion nonprofit, Charis Circle, may pass to other hands in 2016. The Charis leadership team, which includes Charis Books co-owners Sara Look and Angela Gabriel and Charis Circle Executive Director Elizabeth Anderson, recently decided […]

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OPINION: ‘Fire! ready, aim’

Opinion crane

“The San Bernardino, Calif. attacks were about guns in the same way that 9/11 was about box cutters,” quipped radio newsman Tim Bryant, WGAU-AM/FM, Athens, Ga, host of Georgia’s Morning News on his Facebook feed.We may not yet know the entire nature of the threat which we face, but it is coming–and the threat is […]

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OPINION: Are we no longer the home of the brave?

opinion john

The recent mass killings in Paris and San Bernardino, Calif., have put many in our country on edge and again pitted Americans against each other in hotly contested debates over immigration, gun control and refugee admissions policies. We have read and heard voices of condemnation and voices of support on the subject of admitting Syrian […]

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Pastor’s wife raises awareness about Batten disease

Pastor’s wife raises awareness about Batten disease

by Deanna Cauthen Laura Balzer, of Stone Mountain, and Dana Gieselmann, of Memphis, Tenn., have been best friends since they met in high school years ago in Birmingham, Ala.  They went on to graduate and attend college together at Auburn University and lived together after college.  Like many friends, they celebrated all the important milestones […]

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Slow flow of tai chi and qigong suits students just fine

Stephen Dorage, center, leads a tai chi class at the Clarkston Community Center. Photos by Gale Horton Gay

Stephen Dorage is yawning his way through the Tuesday evening tai chi class at the Clarkston Community Center. No covering his mouth or attempting to suppress it, instead he loudly emits yawn after yawn after yawn. Dorage isn’t some disinterested student in the back of the class, he’s the instructor. “If you get a chance […]

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Investigation opened for potential election fraud in LaVista Hills vote

Elections volunteers line up in the DeKalb elections office late Nov. 3 to turn in poll results. Photos by Andrew Cauthen

Two days after Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp opened an investigation into alleged election fraud in the referendum of the proposed city of LaVista Hills, proponents of the city announced that they will explore legal action. LaVista Hills Alliance announced Nov. 7 that it has retained legal counsel to explore possible legal action to […]

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Former mayor to assist art initiatives


After more than 16 years of living in what some refer to as DeKalb hidden treasure, Pine Lake’s former mayor Kathie deNobriga said she routinely turns off her car radio, rolls down the windows and drives slowly home, stopping completely at every stop sign, listening to frogs, crickets, cicadas, owls, porch laughter or lawn mowers. […]

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