OPINION: Button, button; who’s got the button?

Bill Crane's Opinion Piece for Champion newspaper

“Will someone please inform him that I too have a nuclear button, but it is much bigger and more powerful one than his, and my button works!” Twitter response by President Donald Trump to the Supreme Leader of North Korea (yes, that is his title) Kim Jong Un. Though we understand the reference and the […]

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OPINION: Consolidation or complication?

Bill Crane's Opinion Piece for Champion newspaper

Jacksonville/Duvall County, Fla. consolidated into one government, across the largest land mass of any county on the eastern seaboard in 1968. At that time, Brunswick and Glynn County also had a former Navy shipyard and port, as well as a manufacturing jobs base. By the census of 1970, the population of Jacksonville/Duvall was 528,865 and Brunswick/Glynn County […]

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OPINION: Gifts that keep giving

Bill Crane's Opinion Piece for Champion newspaper

“No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted,” Aesop (620-564 B.C.), Greek philosopher and author of Aesop’s Fables. As you gather with family and friends in the coming weeks to celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas and this holiday season, it is important to remember that not every hearth or belly is full and […]

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OPINION: Smack back that big hack attack


“No single company or industry can stop or be held responsible for protecting the security and vulnerabilities of the Internet,” former Equifax CEO, Rick Smith, from his prepared statement and testimony before Congress on October 3, 2017.  It is no longer a matter of if, more a matter of when, your personal identity, finances or […]

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OPINION: Boundaries, borders and empires—oh my!


“There is no more sagacious animal than the Icelandic horse. He is stopped by neither snow, nor storm, nor impassable roads, nor rocks, glaciers, or anything. He is courageous, sober, and surefooted. He never makes a false step, never shies. If there is a river or fjord to cross (and we shall meet with many) […]

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OPINION: Don’t make me come up there!

Bill Crane's Opinion Piece for Champion newspaper

“The time is always ripe to do what is right,” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Mid-January in America was book-ended by the birthday and national holiday remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the inauguration of a new president, Donald J. Trump.  It should have been a week of outreach and celebration, but it was instead a loud, and […]

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OPINION: It’s time–a mandatory minimum salary for law enforcement

Bill Crane's Opinion Piece for Champion newspaper

“During 2016 there were 140 law enforcement officers who lost lives in the line of duty across the country.  Of those deaths,106 were men and women in local city/county police and deputy sheriffs, 19 were state officers, six were federal officers and the remaining nine were college, territory or transit system officers,” Putnam County Sheriff Howard […]

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OPINION: Governors can’t deal


    “Governors can’t deal with the national debt. They can’t deal with Social Security. We’re at peace with Alabama right now. Education is the primary duty of every governor, though we may have different views on what needs to be done,” former Georgia Gov. Roy Barnes. Since passage of Georgia’s Quality Basic Education Act (QBE) […]

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