Giddy over 2013 Prius V’s gas mileage


  I’m always a little hyped when a new test car is coming my way. However in January, my colleague John Hewitt was more excited than I about the 2013 Prius V that I had for a week to review. Hewitt, who is The Champion Newspaper’s chief operating officer, was practically giddy to walk around, […]

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Weaving new lives one strip of fabric at a time

One room at Weavers Warehouse is filled with donated bolts of fabric and clothing.

Fred Brown was in desperate need of a job, and when opportunity came his way he jumped at it. Then he learned the work involved weaving. “I didn’t know if I was going to last,” Brown said. Not only has Brown held the position for almost two years, now he loves it. “You get to […]

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Longhorn combats winter with new menu

Blue Crab and MeyerLemon filet

There’s still time to catch the winter menu specials at Longhorn Steakhouse. The restaurant introduced new winter dishes, which will be available through March, and can be found in restaurants throughout the area. At the Tucker Longhorn eatery, 4315 Hugh Howell Road, I sampled most of the specials. My immediate assessment was that diners who […]

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Thrilling ways for adults to play in Vegas

Shotguns, Tommy guns and Uzis are just a few of the firearms one can try out. Photo by Gale Horton Gay

Trembling, trembling, trembling. My hands are trembling, and I know why. It’s partly my lifelong aversion to firearms and this being my first time to handle a weapon. Still I have a job to do, and I line up the crosshairs with the target. I take a deep breath, swallow hard and squeeze the trigger. […]

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Volunteers sought for Alzheimer’s arts program

Working on art projects can be stimulating and rewarding for persons struggling with memory loss, according to experts. Photos by Jerry Siegel

For the past four years Tania Becker has witnessed how a little paint and pencil can bring joy into the lives of people with failing memories. As founding director of Arts 4 Alzheimer’s, Becker brings together people in the early stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease with art educators who gently guide them to create […]

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Wedding planner leaves nothing to chance

Decatur-based wedding planner Gail Johnson said that people think that wedding planning is easy “but it’s not.”

Gail Johnson got an early start learning the fine art of wedding planning. When she was 18, she coordinated the wedding of a neighbor’s son. While it wasn’t an elaborate affair (the nuptials took place in a backyard) the mission was accomplished. Now Johnson, who lives in Tucker and runs her special events and wedding […]

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Stone Mountain woman is Mega Millions winner

Ira Curry, right, of Stone Mountain is a new multi-millionaire.

The immense good fortune and financial windfall of a Stone Mountain family has sent a ripple of surprise through a local neighborhood. Ira Curry, one of two winners of the $648 million Mega Millions drawing on Dec. 17, claimed her prize the next morning at Georgia Lottery headquarters. “It’s unreal,” said Curry, 56, in a […]

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Artist guides youthful creative expression

This sculpture at Drew Charter School in Atlanta includes more than a dozen sound-making elements, ranging from bamboo to tone blocks to gongs.

For Jeff Mather, art has few boundaries. Indoors or outside, there are a wide range of places where artistic expressions can enhance the environment and the lives of those who interact with those environments. That’s why Mather, a public artist and environmental sculptor, has been working on projects at schools and community organizations throughout metro […]

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