Travel expert touts benefits of hiring a travel consultant

Travel expert touts benefits of hiring a travel consultant

Wandering the world can be filled with unimaginable adventure but arranging the best trip possible requires careful planning and guidance. Carolyn Anderson is a world-class traveler who uses her personal and professional knowledge to provide those with wanderlust the vacation that lives up to their dreams. She stresses that while travel options and offers are […]

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Grief support groups offer shoulder to lean on

Grief support groups offer shoulder to lean on

The death of loved ones and the grieving that follows is a universal experience. However, how each individual grieves is unique. “People in this culture so often are so very uncomfortable with pain and suffering that goes along with loss,” said Rev. Robby Carroll. “We stress grief is a normal process.” Carroll, who has been […]

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‘da Kink in My Hair is a not-to-be-missed musical

‘da Kink in My Hair is a not-to-be-missed musical

For a lighthearted theatrical moment, one can’t go wrong choosing to spend time at the Horizon Theatre taking in ‘da Kink in My Hair. With snappy musical numbers, catchy lyrics, funny bits as well as deeply moving moments, the play is almost guaranteed to leave audiences laughing constantly before dabbing tears from the corner of […]

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Livin’ tiny comes to decatur in a festival

Livin' Tiny comes to Decatur in a festival

What would it be like to live in a 250- to 350-square-foot space as one’s permanent home? Will Johnston holds that it could be revolutionary. Johnson, a proponent of living small, said small spaces are a great housing alternative, saving people money and freeing them to be less encumbered by vast quantities of “stuff” and […]

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2016 Hyundai Elantra makes strong, favorable impression publicly


The 2016 Hyundai Elantra Limited isn’t the type of vehicle designed to be overly anything (powerful, sexy, etc.) but is attractive and performs admirably. Despite its lack of snazziness, it left me with a smile and happy heart.  That’s to say that this Elantra looks good on the outside and inside, has decent power under […]

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OPINION: Olympics highlight more than sports


Football season is just OK. I don’t have much interest in basketball, and I only occasionally get interested in baseball. Soccer and hockey mean nothing to me. Obviously I’m not a major sports fan. However, every couple of years I develop a rabid interest in athletics—swimming, track and field, gymnastics and more. Yes, I become […]

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Getting Personal with Karen Beyers

Getting Personal with Karen Beyers

  Karen Beyers is the director of ART Station’s new production GRITS Girls Raised in the South, which is being staged July 14-31. Beyers has had a long love affair with the arts. She started as a dancer at the age of 2 and studied and performed with a half dozen ballet and ballroom companies […]

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Zimbabwe is indeed a world of wonder

Zimbabwe is indeed a world or wonder

Exploring bush camps and going on safari Second of a two-part series on adventure in Zimbabwe Sometimes the tedium of everyday life beckons us to shake things up, change routine and take on an adventure that’s guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping. An African safari with accommodations at a bush camp is surely a departure […]

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