Sewer spills plague DeKalb County

The large tree shown above was growing out of a concrete sewer box, causing the Aug. 23 spill into Snapfinger Creek.

Up a creek without a paddle DeKalb County workers are attempting to make permanent repairs at the site of a major sewer spill. The spill, located at Snapfinger Creek which resulted in an estimated 6.4 million-gallon leak, was contained Aug. 26 by repairing the damaged concrete junction box and installing two temporary, redundant bypass systems […]

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Students shown ‘inappropriate’ film in school

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  Parents of students who attend DeKalb School of the Arts say their children were shown an “inappropriate” film that displayed elements of racism and sexism during class.  According to parents, the students of Jim Dickson were shown an excerpt from the film The Triplets of Belleville to a third level French class.  The animated […]

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Shooting death raises questions about veterans’ mental health

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A DeKalb County support group established to protect the interests of veterans are searching for answers after a man was shot and killed by DeKalb County police. Amos King, president of Justice for Veterans, said he was saddened by the news of Quintas Harris—a DeKalb County man killed Aug. 3 after he allegedly shot at […]

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Confederate monument focus of discussion

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Hannah Hill, pastor at Decatur-based Church of Mary Magdalene, said she’s grown up in the South her entire life and is proud of her Southern roots. But Hill, the descendant of slave owners, said there are aspects of her roots she’s not proud of. On Aug. 19, Hill said it’s time the Confederate monument located […]

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Decatur’s first Black mayor: Confederate monument should be moved

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  Elizabeth Wilson, Decatur’s first Black mayor and first female mayor, said she remembers the first time she saw the Klu Klux Klan hold a rally at the square in downtown Decatur.  Nearly 60 years later, a monument was erected in honor of Wilson in the same area the KKK once marched. In an interview […]

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A ‘tender’ moment

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  McDonald’s surprises DeKalb firefighters with chicken tenders   Almost overnight, DeKalb County firefighter Robert Sutton became a local celebrity when video surfaced of him catching a baby thrown from a burning building.  The video quickly went viral and Sutton’s actions have appeared on multiple media outlets including Good Morning America. Media outlets weren’t the […]

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UPDATE: Adams denies sexual harassment allegations

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  “She knows what her big daddy likes.”  Those are the alleged words DeKalb County Commissioner Gregory Adams told another DeKalb official while referring to his district director, Ashlee Wright.     In an interview with The Champion, Wright’s attorney, former DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James, said his client has text messages and audio proof […]

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Home is where the heart is

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United Methodist Children’s Home signs leases in DeKalb   The United Methodist Children’s Home (UMCH), which announced earlier this year it would be leaving its Decatur location after 144 years, will soon have two new locations, the nonprofit announced Aug. 7.  UMCH officials announced they will begin the process of relocating its residents, administrative building […]

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