Diverse experiences await visitors in Greenville

Whimsical arch gracing the pedestrian bridge over Reedy River. Photo by John Hewitt

Walking and biking trails, natural beauty, arts, culture and fun-filled attractions are among the experiences waiting for visitors to this South Carolina gem of a city. Among my discoveries that made for a satisfying getaway: Arts, science and cultural experiences: Be sure to check out Greenville County Museum of Art showcasing the world’s largest collection […]

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Gibbs Gardens—More than just a stroll through the park


Combine 300 acres of majestic rolling hills and valleys in North Georgia, expert landscape design, one of the largest collections of water lilies in North America and the largest Japanese garden in America and the result is Gibbs Gardens in Ball Ground. The property was purchased in 1980 as a family estate after founder Jim […]

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Paradise found in Mozambique


As we departed Kruger National Park in South Africa with its flourishing animal and plant life, my travel partner, Johann Carstens, told me that once we crossed into the Republic of Mozambique we would see a stark difference. He was correct. A primitive border post served as our entrance to Mozambique. It was a great […]

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Jamaica’s celebration of 50 years of independence makes for a great excuse to visit


  Only a short plane ride from Atlanta sits the fifth largest island in the Caribbean. The indigenous people of the island named it Xaymaca, meaning the “Land of Wood and Water.” Now the island, Jamaica, is celebrating 50 years of independence from British rule. Over the centuries Jamaica passed through the hands of Spain […]

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