OPINION: Soccer moms at Pokey Park

opinion john

Bringing a professional soccer facility to DeKalb County has the potential of being an economic boon for the county and particularly for the immediate area surrounding the complex. On the surface, it seems like a great idea. Bringing a professional soccer facility to DeKalb County with what appears to have been zero transparency, a burning […]

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OPINION: Gender discrimination and the American male

opinion john

Across this nation in small towns and major cities, men are routinely discriminated against and no one seems to be concerned with our plight. There are no protests. There are no social groups to help call attention to unfair treatment we are exposed to on a daily basis. From the office cubicle to board rooms […]

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DeKalb County government is “rotten to the core”


The below letter was submitted to Interim DeKalb County CEO Lee May by former attorney Michael Bowers who is conducting an investigation of DeKalb County government at the request of May. Bowers stated that DeKalb County government is “rotten to the core.” After the letter was made public, May released the following statement: “I wholeheartedly […]

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OPINION: ‘Just downright stupidity’

opinion john

Former Attorney General of Georgia Michael Bowers in his remarks about preliminary findings of his comprehensive investigation of DeKalb County said he and his team of investigators are finding “misdeeds, ineptitude, some corruption…significant corruption, but mainly just downright stupidity.” Bowers was asked by Interim DeKalb County CEO Lee May to “to investigate the affairs, records, […]

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OPINION: History must not be forgotten

opinion john

Since the Charleston shootings, there has been much debate regarding the so-called Confederate flag and seemingly all things that represent what most of us would collectively refer to as a dark period of American history—the Civil War. On the heels of South Carolina removing the “Confederate” flag from the grounds of the state capitol, Atlanta […]

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Walking in Memphis

World-famous Beale Street is one of Memphis’ top attractions. Photos by John Hewitt

As we began our initial descent to land at the Memphis airport, the sky was clear and the sun was beaming down on the mighty Mississippi River and the fertile lands along her banks. In the distance, I saw a large angular structure glistening by the river and squinted to try to determine what it […]

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OPINION: Signs. Signs. Everywhere signs.

opinion john

I spend an unusually large amount of time on Atlanta’s roadways and more specifically on I-285 through much of DeKalb County. Much of this time, regrettably, is spent at a slow pace and often sitting still. For the last several months there have been traffic delays caused by resurfacing and sign changes all along Atlanta’s […]

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Taking flight, the way it should be!


  When we imagine hassle-free air travel, we may envision the ultra-rich or those with generous expense accounts who have the luxury of flying from smaller airports on private jets. Most of us have seen the photos on social media and entertainment shows of sharply dressed celebrities with designer luggage posing for the paparazzi before […]

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