Dunwoody to spend more than $400k on stormwater repairs

Dunwoody to spend more than $400k on stormwater repairs

The Dunwoody City Council approved spending more than $400,000 on five separate residential projects related to stormwater drainage, including pipe, foundation and sinkhole repairs at two separate city council meetings.  The largest project presented before the council, amounting to $162,018, included storm water repairs at seven addresses along Vermack Road. According to the document presented […]

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Chamblee creates safe meetup zone

Chamblee creates safe meetup zone

It could happen to anyone. An item, such as shoes or car equipment, is wanted and desired by an individual. The usual channels of purchasing such an item are of no use; the local store is out or doesn’t carry a specific model while the store requiring a day trip just sold out. Friends suggest […]

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Conjuring bayou ghosts with Barry Sons

Conjuring bayou ghosts with Barry Sons

To limit local artist Barry Sons to one label would be a mistake.  While it’s true Sons is a painter, a writer, a poet and environmental activist, a more appropriate term exists in the abstract: Sons is a conjuror of ghosts. The ghosts in Sons’ case are not the spooky soothsayers found in A Christmas […]

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Global Growers: Connecting the dots one garden at a time

Jessica McGowan 1

In DeKalb County, it’s not uncommon to walk by or encounter a diverse group of people. In the span of one day, one can pass a group of teenagers hailing from such places as Ethiopia, Vietnam, Japan, Nepal and North Carolina. In the same day, one can encounter their parents at their respective places of […]

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Dunwoody Police Department engages with citizens


On March 22, the Dunwoody Police Department began its seventh annual Citizens Police Academy (CPA) which “[gives] participants the opportunity to learn about various functions of police work through classroom lectures, training scenarios and offsite tours.” Each Tuesday through May 23, residents will hear information from Dunwoody Police about such subjects as narcotics, gangs, detective […]

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Doing what’s needed: Miller Grove’s Franklin Smith makes his mark


Miller Grove High School sophomore Franklin Smith has one simple rule for his academic, athletic and community-involved success: do whatever is necessary. With this rule, Smith has garnered accolades and good grades in the classroom. Smith is a member of the National Honor Society and an accepted member of the National Society of High School […]

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Doraville to spend $400K on emergency pipe repairs

Doraville City Council approved moving forward with emergency pipe repairs along Lambeth Circle and McLave Drive for an estimated cost of $400,000.

The city of Doraville is set to spend big on emergency pipe maintenance in a residential neighborhood.  Doraville officials agreed to spend an estimated $422,310 on maintenance work at Lambeth Circle and McClave Drive following a regularly scheduled biweekly city council meeting held March 21. The proposed area is located one block east of Buford […]

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Cross Keys showcases college life

Cross Keys showcases college life

High school juniors from DeKalb County and surrounding areas came together March 15 to consider their futures. From 9 a.m. to noon., Cross Keys High School hosted a college fair with more than 30 universities represented. Students from the DeKalb County School District as well as Atlanta Public Schools were bused in and out throughout […]

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