Avondale police notify residents of summer crime spike

Avondale police cars

Summer break has begun in DeKalb County, which means police departments are preparing for the annual summer crime spike.

Avondale Estates Police Chief Lynn Thomas released an emailed message to residents May 23 to expect an increase in crime during the summer months.

“As stated in previous summer letters, we must always remember that crime does not take a vacation,” Thomas said. “Traditionally, during the summer months there is a rise in criminal activity, especially thefts from vehicles, carports, and of items left unattended in the yard.”

Thomas said those crimes are called “crimes of opportunity” and lists measures residents can use to prevent being a victim of those crimes:

• Lock your vehicle doors when car is not in use—place all valuables in the trunk.

• Do not leave valuable items—mowers, leaf blowers, chain saws, ladders—unattended in your yard or visible in a carport.

• Secure and lock gates, garage doors, and storage shed doors after each use.

• Remember to close and lock doors and windows when you are away from your home, regardless how long or short the time and if you have an alarm activate it.

• Keep bicycle(s) and sports equipment inside a closed garage or house when not in use. If bicycles cannot be stored inside, consider using a cable or chain to securely lock them.

• When on vacation, only carry credit and debit cards that you absolutely need; leave all others secured at home or in a bank deposit box.

• Before leaving on vacation, complete a security check form requesting the Avondale Estates Police Department to check your home during your absence.

Thomas said it also important to remember the safety of children.

“Front yards will have children playing in them, and the streets will have more bicyclists traveling on them going to friends’ houses, the pool and just having fun riding their bikes,” he said. “Motorists are reminded to observe posted speed limits, obey stop and other traffic control signs and to be highly observant when traveling through residential neighborhoods.”

The city changed Dartmouth Avenue in front of Willis Park and the Avondale Swim and Tennis Club will to a one-way road for the pool season and it will remain a one-way road until the end of the pool season.

“Please obey the traffic flow plan and encourage visitors and friends to be alert and obey parking requirements,” Thomas said. “It is our desire that everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer.”

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  1. Jerry Jackson says:

    DeKalb County Goveernment does little to nothing for our myouth and poorly pays our Police and Fire. Please join …. Reform DeKalb ….. on FaceBook ……………… Were is our Tax Money going ? ………… Our youth need help today / now !!!

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