Bouldercrest Park improvements come to fruition


Longtime DeKalb County resident Patricia Culp said she was disappointed about the condition of a playground where local children play. She, along with members of the Cedar Grove Neighborhood Association (CGNA), decided to do something about it.

Culp, president of CGNA, said the association worked with county officials to fund a new playground for the area.

The process took nearly two and a half years but on April 29, Culp and CGNA members witnessed their hard work come to fruition as the county unveiled Bouldercrest Park during a ribbon cutting ceremony with DeKalb County Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Affairs.

The park, located at 4184 Bouldercrest Park Road, features a new playground and a recently installed library box.

“The original playground was in really bad shape. We decided we wanted to get an initiative started to get a new playground,” Culp said. “We just wanted a better playground for our kids. I have lived here for 25 years and I’m happy to live in this part of DeKalb County.”

She said community support helped the process along with the support of the county. She said she’s pleased to see the county is committed to keeping the park’s green space intact.
DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond at the dedication ceremony said CGNA’s effort is something to be admired.

“This is wonderful. This is a great day, not just for the Cedar Grove Neighborhood Association, but a great day for DeKalb. This is evidence that when citizens take control of their destiny, we can improve the quality of life throughout the county,” Thurmond said.

Culp said the improvements for the park are not finished. She said she would like to add signage to the park as well as an informational booth about the park’s history.

More than 35 children, adults and CGNA officials were on site for the dedication ceremony. Many of whom wasted no time enjoying some of the new equipment.

“We’re trying to encourage people to step up and be a part of their community. We had to come together and make this a park that people want to be proud of,” Culp said.

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