Brookhaven expands sidewalk network


The city of Brookhaven kicked off 2018 by completing a 3,317-foot sidewalk expansion designed to make the city more pedestrian friendly.

Several projects combined to complete the expansion, which includes sections along Thompson Road, Skyland Drive, Woodrow Way and Lanier Drive.

The sidewalk along Woodrow Way and Lanier Drive were completed in three sections. The first section on Lanier Drive measures 850 feet and begins at Peachtree Road, ending at Woodrow Way.

The second section on Lanier Drive measures 320 feet, starting at Woodrow Way and ending at 3027 Lanier Drive. The third and final section runs along Woodrow Way, starting at Lanier Drive and ending at the Oglethorpe Church entrance.

Each street before and after the sidewalk sections were completed. Photos courtesy of the city of Brookhaven.

A 1,000-foot section along Thompson Road extends from Dresden Drive to Grant Drive which will connect Drew Valley residents to existing sidewalks along Dresden Drive.

An additional 750-foot section was added along Skyland Drive, running from Duke Road to South Bamby Lane. City officials said this segment of the project enhances Ashford Park connectivity to Dresden Drive. This section also includes a three-way stop sign and a cross walk at the intersection of South Bamby Lane and Skyland Drive.

“The completion of these four projects and the additional sidewalks demonstrate the city’s continued dedication and stalwart commitment to advancing the Brookhaven mission to make our city a more pedestrian friendly and greener place to live,” Brookhaven Mayor John Ernst said.

A mix of all accounts

Public Works Director Hari Karikaran said the project was completed under budget and on schedule. Karikaran said his department is also working on designs for a segment along Lanier Drive that will end at Hearst Drive. A timeline for that project has not been established.

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