Brookhaven mayor announces bid for District 80 seat

Max DavisBrookhaven Mayor J. Max Davis ended the city’s town hall meeting May 28 by announcing his bid to run for Georgia House District 80.

“It’s been a distinct honor to serve as your mayor for the last two and half years,” Davis told those in attendance. “Many of you know this, but I will be resigning next week as your mayor. I’ll be running for another office vacated by State Rep. Mike Jacobs.

“I enjoyed being your mayor,” Davis added. “This public service is fulfilling to me.”

Jacobs vacated the District 80 seat after he was appointed by Gov. Nathan Deal as State Court judge of DeKalb, replacing Eleanor Ross, who is now a federal judge for the Northern District of Georgia.

“Mike Jacobs has provided excellent representation for District 80 and I will build on that tradition. I am excited to have the opportunity to continue my service to the people of Brookhaven and now of Sandy Springs and Chamblee at the state level,” Davis said in a released statement. “We have, as a community, gotten Brookhaven started right. Police are protecting our streets, which are being paved, so families can go to our improving parks. In just two and a half years, through efficient local control, we have elevated our community.”

A special election will be held July 14 for the seat. Davis, a Republican, will run against Brookhaven resident and Republican Catherine Bernard, and Democrat and attorney Taylor Bennett.

Davis’ father, Max Davis, served in the State House of Representatives for over two decades. Davis said he wants to take his “proven reform agenda and bring it to the state level.”

“We have been successful in Brookhaven following those ideas.” Davis said. “We cut taxes twice, enhanced services, and have a 4 million dollar reserve. Brookhaven will be left in good hands and on the right path.”

“Our community needs a leader with common sense and a demonstrated track record,” Davis continued. “I will focus on reforming and improving education. I will also work to get traffic moving through better coordinated actions among all area jurisdictions. Protecting taxpayer dollars and preserving neighborhoods will continue to be my priority.”

Davis’ last day as mayor will be June 3. According to the city’s charter, “vacancy in the office of mayor shall be filled for the remainder of the unexpired term by a special election if such vacancy occurs 12 months or more prior to the expiration of the term of that office. If such vacancy occurs within 12 months of the expiration of the term of that office, the city council or those members remaining shall appoint a successor for the remainder of the term.”

Davis’ term as mayor ends this year, meaning the city council will vote June 9 on one of the councilmembers to fill the vacancy. Councilwoman Rebecca Chase Williams is also Mayor Pro Tem and will serve as mayor June 3-9.

If Williams or another councilmember is voted by council to serve as mayor until the end of the year, that councilmember will nominate someone to fill their council seat and councilmembers will then vote on whether to approve the nominee.

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