Can’t think of a New Year’s resolution? We got you covered



The making of resolutions at the start of a new year is ages old. Historians say the practice dates back 4,000 years to the ancient Babylonians who promised their gods they would return borrowed objects and pay off their debts.

We know some of our readers struggle to come up with resolutions aside from the usual ones dealing with losing weight and saving money so we’ve dreamed up a few of our own.

Feel free to adopt some or all and we hope that 2018 is a terrific year for everyone.

• I resolve to find adventure in my own backyard.
• I resolve to plan an international trip.
• I resolve to spend more time outdoors.
• I resolve to cross a state line that I’ve never crossed before.
• I resolve to take up a new hobby.
• I resolve to get to know local people of different cultures.

• I resolve to let my palate explore a new cuisine.
• I resolve to volunteer for a good cause.
• I resolve to attend a school board or county commission meeting.
• I resolve to drive in a less distracted or aggressive manner.
• I resolve to change one habit that’s detrimental to my community.
• I resolve to get to know more of my neighbors.
• I resolve to conduct random acts of kindness.
• I resolve to speak encouraging words to young people.
• I resolve to consider an issue from another point of view.

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