Latino students visit Frida and Diego exhibit at High Museum

Approximately 90 student from the Latin American Association’s after-school program at Sequoyah Middle School attended the exhibit at the High featuring the work of Mexican artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Photo by Daniel Beauregard

A group of 85 Sequoyah Middle School students enrolled in the Latin American Association’s (LAA) after-school program visited the High Museum’s bilingual Frida and Diego exhibit March 1. Isabel Perez, the managing director of academic achievement for LAA, said it is important students are exposed to work such as that of Mexican artists Frida Kahlo […]

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Henderson Middle teacher named a LifeChanger


It wasn’t very quiet in the Henderson Middle School library March 1 as more than 100 students, along with parents and teachers, gathered to surprise the school’s chorus instructor. Dale Duncan was teary-eyed as students cheered when he was named a 2013 LifeChanger of the Year by National Life Group. Selected from more than 400 […]

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OPINION: School Board Six€™ haven€™t hit rock bottom


“It’s a very sad day.” That’s what Sen. Fran Millar said moments after Gov. Nathan Deal announced that he was following the “compelling” unanimous recommendation of the state education board to remove six members of the DeKalb school board. DeKalb County was on display at the capitol that day in a very bad way. It […]

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Judge rules against DeKalb school board


A federal judge has decided the fate of six DeKalb school board members who sued to keep their jobs. Federal Judge Richard Story has decided March 4 to lift a temporary restraining order and deny an injunction against Gov. Nathan Deal. The decision allows the governor remove the board members. “The harm from the loss […]

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Letter to the Editor: Statement from remaining members of DeKalb school board


As elected representatives on the DeKalb Board of Education, we find ourselves in a unique and confusing situation. We are the three members of the Board of Education not subject to the State Board of Education’s review process because we joined the DeKalb Board in January 2013, and the State Board’s action concerned the nine […]

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Eugene Walker’s Letter to the Editor: ‘The governor is wrong’


The governor is wrong in his decision to suspend members of the DeKalb County Board of Education. The DeKalb school district has been placed on probation by a private accrediting institution called SACS, which holds considerable sway in the education community.  SACS has made a multitude of allegations, some of which I agree with, but […]

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Emory faculty, alumni react to president’s remarks

Emory president censured

Emory University faculty members voted Feb. 20 to censure university president Jim Wagner for his remarks in a recent magazine column where he referenced the three-fifths compromise in the U.S. Constitution. Wagner has received criticism for referring to the compromise that counted slaves as three-fifths of a person, as a “constitutional compromise” between northern and […]

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Governor removes six school board members


In a news conference Feb. 25, Gov. Nathan Deal announced that he had accepted the unanimous recommendation of the Georgia Board of Education (GBOE) to remove six members of the DeKalb school board. “This is certainly a serious matter. It is a matter that is of grave concern to all of us, especially the parents […]

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