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OPINION: The political season: this too shall pass

opinion john

From now until November, we likely will be bombarded with paid and unpaid political messages, endorsements, analysis and mudslinging the likes of which we have never before seen. Most have already seen the ugliness begin even prior to the national political conventions that have just played out. Social media is a hotbed of nonstop political […]

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OPINION: Olympics highlight more than sports


Football season is just OK. I don’t have much interest in basketball, and I only occasionally get interested in baseball. Soccer and hockey mean nothing to me. Obviously I’m not a major sports fan. However, every couple of years I develop a rabid interest in athletics—swimming, track and field, gymnastics and more. Yes, I become […]

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OPINION: On edge in the City of Brotherly Love

Opinion crane

Though the Republican Convention and Donald Trump’s coronation as party nominee for the White House seemed like an extended episode of Celebrity Apprentice, there will be almost as many challenges with party re-unification for Democrats in the City of Brotherly Love. The heat of protests and clashes between pro and con Trump factions within the […]

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OPINION: Olympic memories

opinion john

Twenty years ago, Atlanta was the focus of the world stage as the Centennial Olympic Games brought the world to our doorsteps.Atlanta and many individuals benefited greatly from the games; myself included. I had the pleasure of being very involved in the planning and day-to-day coverage of the games as a publishing coordinator. I was […]

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Opinion crane

“I’ve rarely seen a leader that’s been able to lead by consensus. A leader is someone who goes oftentimes against everybody. That’s what a leader is.”  entrepreneur and soon to be GOP Presidential nominee, Donald Trump from his long-running NBC program, The Apprentice. With apologies to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland has not been this hot since […]

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OPINION: Are winds of change coming?


Writer is doubtful that America is ready to end divisiveness On Wednesday July 6, I was several paragraphs into an opinion piece attempting to express my anger and frustration yet again about two tragic deaths of Black men in two different states after what appeared to be routine encounters with police. I was having a […]

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OPINION: Appropriation or appreciation?

opinion john

It is often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In our daily lives, as has been the case for thousands of years, we all consume, use or enjoy things that most likely did not originate within what we define as our own culture. Most of us can not accurately claim that we […]

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OPINION: Journey brings out contrasts and similarities in culture


Fresh off a 10-day trip traveling throughout the African nation of Zimbabwe, I returned home with an invigorated spirit and fresh eyes. As I drove down the same streets I routinely traverse from my home in Stone Mountain through Clarkston, Avondale Estates and into Decatur; from Tucker to Chamblee, Doraville, Dunwoody and Brookhaven; from Lithonia […]

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