Former county CEO Vernon Jones wants sheriff’s job

Feb. 20 - Decatur, GA-Vernon Jones announces his candidacy for DeKalb County sheriff on the steps of the old Decatur Courthouse. Photo by Travis Hudgons

Former DeKalb County CEO Vernon Jones is back in the political spotlight after announcing his bid for the county sheriff’s position. “This sheriff’s office is not going to be your father’s Oldsmobile,” Jones said during a news conference Feb. 20 in Decatur. “We’re going to be more efficient, we’re going to be more effective and […]

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DeKalb CEO maintains innocence


  DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis maintained his innocence nearly a week after he was indicted on 14 felonies involving campaign fraud. “I have done nothing wrong as I have clearly stated to anybody and everybody,” Ellis said during a June 24 media conference. “I will continue to serve in the manner in which I have […]

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Obama unveils new pre-K plan in Decatur


  After a brief visit to College Heights Early Learning Center, President Barack Obama spoke to Decatur residents about his plans to implement a universal pre-K program nationwide. During his Feb. 12 State of the Union address, Obama said fewer than three in 10 4-year-olds have access to a high-quality preschool program. “For the poor […]

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Newly elected Brookhaven City Council makes first decisions


The Brookhaven City Council made its first official vote Dec. 10 only moments after members were sworn in. The four-member council appointed a temporary city attorney, and city clerk, and authorized a temporary lease agreement for a city hall building and city court space. Bill Riley was named interim city attorney. Riley, who serves as […]

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Brookhaven residents elect mayor, council members in runoff

Max Davis2

          The residents of the new city of Brookhaven chose attorney J. Max Davis as its mayor in a runoff election Dec. 4. Preliminary results showed Davis leading by approximately 65 percent against opponent Ashford Alliance President Sandy Murray, who trailed with approximately 35 percent. Before his apparent win, Davis said […]

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Dunwoody councilwoman admits to leaking information, apologizes

Adrian_Bonser (1)

After an investigation lasting more than nine months and costing taxpayers nearly $50,000, a Dunwoody City councilwoman has admitted to leaking information from executive city council sessions. In a Nov. 30 letter, Councilwoman Adrian Bonser admitted to leaking information from an executive session but said that at the time she was unaware that she was […]

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Brookhaven prepares for runoff election


Newly-formed Brookhaven’s recent election yielded only one clear winner for a city council post. Real estate broker and businessman Jim Eyre will represent residents in council District 2. Residents will vote for the rest of Brookhaven’s city officials Dec. 4 in a runoff election which will take place less than two weeks away from the […]

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OPINION: Glad It’s Over


By the time you read this, the 2012 general election will be over. We will have re-elected the president, or a new one, along with a number of other officials from members of Congress to those who collect water and soil samples. We will also have decided some amendments to the Georgia Constitution, chief among […]

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