Cave-in causes chaos in DeKalb County

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According to a county official, a company installing fiber optic lines in DeKalb County damaged a water main at the corner of Beech and Memorial Drive.

The company damaged a 36-inch water main. County officials are unsure of the extent of the damage but county spokesperson Andrew Cauthen, said it’s “significant.”

 The incident occurred at night on March 14.

 “The water went down the road and entered a person’s house and caused significant buckling,’ Cauthen said. “It’s a little too early to tell [the extent of the damage] but right now it’s looking like approximately three weeks before we’re out of the neighborhood.”

 Road workers have blocked a lane on Memorial Drive and at the intersection of Beech and Memorial.

 Cauthen said the company that caused the problem will be responsible for the damages to the area but he is currently unsure which company caused the damage.

 “In some cases, the county will go ahead and take care of the damages then recoup that money from the contractor,” he said.

Road workers will also have to deal with weather issues. Cauthen said workers cannot poor asphalt until it’s above 40 degrees.




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