CHAMPION EXCLUSIVE: Mother of accused killer: ‘that’s not how I raised him’

On Nov. 27, Tyrika Terrell, 22, was allegedly shot and killed by her estranged boyfriend Quantez Tyre.

Kicked son out of home prior to killing


For nearly two hours, the alleged killer of 22-year-old postal worker Tyrika Terrell barricaded himself inside a residence in Decatur, attempting to avoid arrest.

 Decatur native Quantez Tyre, 22, was arrested Dec. 1 by DeKalb County Sheriff’s office S.W.A.T. and Fugitive Unit along with the U.S. Marshal’s Office.

 Tyre, the estranged boyfriend of Terrell, is charged with felony murder. On Nov. 27 Terrell, who worked for the U.S. Post Office, was shot in the head multiple times outside her job on Wesley Chapel Road in Decatur.

 Tyre’s mother, Malita Tyre, said Terrell lived with her when she found out Terrell was pregnant with her son’s child. According to sources, Malita Tyre kicked her son out of the house because of his abusive behavior toward Terrell.

 “Sometimes we don’t understand why things happen the way that they do,” Malita Tyre said. “I hate that my son is a part of this. I know people will be looking at me, but that’s not how I raised him. He’s grown. He has to take responsibility.”

 Malita Tyre described Terrell as a “very forgiving person.”

 “She was such a sweet person. The most forgiving person I’ve ever known. In the short time I knew her, we developed a strong relationship. I tried to help her with what she was going through,” Malita Tyre said.

 According to the warrant, Terrell called police to report that Tyre was outside of the building where she worked. According to Terrell, Tyre had threatened to kill her a week earlier.

 “To mothers and [domestic abuse] victims I want them to know that there’s somebody out there. Don’t silence yourself. Don’t ignore the abuse. Some people don’t survive domestic violence,” Malita Tyre said.

 During the time of his arrest, Tyre was at a relative’s home on Snapfinger Road in Decatur. According to authorities, Tyre positioned himself with a weapon in an upstairs room as DeKalb sheriff’s investigators attempted to negotiate his surrender.

 Tyre then set a fire inside the home and shots were fired. Eventually, Tyre came out of the house and was taken to Grady Hospital with “self inflicted” gunshot wounds.

 As of Dec. 4, DeKalb Sheriff’s spokesperson Cynthia Williams said Tyre is still hospitalized. Once he is released from the hospital, he will be sent to DeKalb County jail. 

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