DCSD airs second season of The Bridge

The Bridge crew gathers for a viewing of their second season taping.

Teen entertainment and variety talk show The Bridge is set for the production of its second season.

The show launched in the DeKalb County Schools District (DCSD) last May and increasingly has gained leverage in youth entertainment.

The student programming is targeted toward students and young adults ages 13-25 with tips on video gaming, how to stay fit, budgeting finances, fashion and more.

There are 30 students involved in the production.

The series features interviews with celebrities, community leaders, as well as student performers, including singers, rappers, spoken word artists and dancers.

DeKalb Schools Superintendent Michael Thurmond said the students have done “an amazing job” and he is excited that the district can provide them with programming that gives them a voice.

The Bridge airs on PDSTV-24, an access channel operated by DCSD. The Comcast station partners with students in the district to produce programs that highlight topics the students are concerned about.

Alex Bragen, a senior at Chamblee High School, said he’d like to see the show achieve its goal and create those “dinner table conversations.”

He added, “It’s really a show that I think is literally helping bridge the gap between the youth and adults.”

Bragen is a host on the show and has an interest in studying film and working in entertainment.

Lead writer and DeKalb Early College senior Taylor Dudley said the show is a great opportunity that she plans to include on her college applications and resume.

Dudley plans to pursue a career in journalism and said The Bridge “is really testing me.”

Dudley is responsible for writing and editing scripts and hosting a segment on the show. Her favorite part, she said, is production days. “The camera and the sets are all up and everything looks so nice. The lights are nice and just having that experience of being on a real set is exciting,” said Dudley.

On The Kickback segment of the show students discuss everyday issues affecting their lives, peers and future.

Zorian Ramone, performer and Stephenson High School sophomore, said he was bullied when he was younger and feels now he is in a position to help other people.

He said, “A lot of people go through that or are going through that right now so it’s about really connecting and sharing your story.”

The district expects “The Bridge” to motivate teens to bridge the gap between effective education and pathways to success. “The show is fun, informative, educational and entertaining,” Thurmond said in an April 28 statement. “Watching ‘The Bridge’ should open up some discussion at the dinner table and allow parents to engage in conversation with their children. I hope all of DeKalb County tunes in to watch the show.”

For more information, visit www.dekalb.k12.ga.us.

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