DeKalb artist helps non-profit organizations

Kyle Brooks

Dekalb resident Kyle Brooks said he loves creating art that makes people smile and recently his contributions helped put a smile on the faces of volunteers at metro nonprofit organizations.

Brooks, also known as Black Cat Tips, painted a “Puzzling Pointy People” puzzle for a project with 25th Century Games—a publishing studio in Atlanta.

The project, named the Atlanta Community Piece Project, featured the artwork of Brooks as part of a fundraising campaign. Some of the pieces included a 1000-piece puzzle, giclee paper print and a giclee canvas print.

Net proceeds from the campaign will go to four nonprofit organizations in the metro area, including Lifeline Animal Project which operates animal shelters in DeKalb and Fulton counties.

“You can’t ask for more than that,” Brooks said. “It’s nice to be accepted and it’s nice for people to appreciate the stuff you make. It’s crazy to think [of] all these people getting hands on something you made. It’s an interesting role in life I found myself in.”

Chad Elkins, organizer of the project, said he wanted to partner with Brooks because his artwork is “fun and vibrant.”

In a video posted online, Elkins said Brooks was the perfect person to create a new piece for the community project.

“In his own way, he talks about love, togetherness and support and he created a piece called the ‘Puzzling Pointy People’ and it really brings together the purpose of this project. It’s different people from all walks of life coming together,” Elkins said.

Initially, the goal was to raise $5,000 for the nonprofits. As of July 13, 130 people raised $7,450 in one month. The organization’s fundraising page was shared nearly 150 times on Facebook.

“The puzzle was very unique. I’ve never done something like that before. At first I was a little worried we wouldn’t make the goal, then I found out they went way over.

That’s exciting,” said Brooks. “I’m happy and this makes people happy.”

Other organizations receiving donations from the project are Atlanta Community Food Bank, 48in48 and the Historic Oakland Foundation.

Lifeline Animal Project is in the process of relocating its DeKalb animal shelter and the organization is offering free adoptions at all locations until July 31.

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