DeKalb County sheriff arrested, future uncertain


A DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson said she is unsure when or if DeKalb County Sheriff Jeff Mann will return to work after fleeing from an officer and being arrested in Atlanta for indecent exposure on May 6.

 Mann, who was charged with indecency and obstruction of officer charges, was in an area known for sexual acts after dark in Piedmont Park, according to an Atlanta Police Department incident report. 

 According to the report, Mann was seen by an officer rubbing his penis under his pants. Mann then approached the officer and completely exposed himself.

 “[Sheriff Mann] then started to walk towards me at some point. [He] completely exposed his penis and was masturbating (stroking) with his right hand while walking in my direction,” the report said.

 The DeKalb Sheriff’s Office released a statement after Mann’s arrest stating he is working with the city of Atlanta to clear his charges.

 As of May 8, Cynthia Williams, public information officer for the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office, said Mann had not showed up for work.

 “He is not here and I can’t say whether or not he will be here,” Williams said.

 According to the report, the officer waited until Mann was roughly 7 to 10 feet away before shining his light on Mann. Mann immediately fled on foot with the officer running behind him saying, “Stop, police!”

 Mann allegedly fled from Piedmont Park onto 10th street in traffic near Argonne Street. According to the report, Mann eventually stopped to tie his shoes, got up and began to run again when he noticed the officer approaching.

 “[Mann] noticed I was closing the gap on the distance between the two of us and surrendered near 341 9th Street,” the report said.

 The officer said he chased Mann for roughly a quarter mile before he eventually “stopped running and started following my verbal commands,” the report said.

 Mann was found with two condoms in his pocket and was transported to the city jail for booking.


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