DeKalb Officer arrested after providing inmate with cell phone




A DeKalb County Sheriff’s Detention Officer was fired after being arrested for providing a cellphone to an inmate at the DeKalb County Jail while on duty.


The officer, Malik Landers, 21, was released on bond after being arrested when he reported for duty Jan. 5.


The DeKalb Sheriff’s Office of Professional Standards conducted an investigation which led to Lander’s arrest. He was arrested on felony warrants for violation of oath of office and crossing guard line with delivering a prohibited telecommunication device.


Sheriff Jeff Mann said officers must uphold the law and their oath at all times.


“Our officers come in daily contact with individuals who are skilled at creating relationships that benefit them without regard to the law,” said Mann. “That’s why many of them are in jail. The detention officer’s job requires dedication to the oath above all, including the promise of personal gain, because we are responsible for insuring the safety and security of the entire inmate population as well as other employees and the public.”


Landers served as a detention officer for roughly one year.


Cynthia Williams, public information officer with the sheriff’s office, said the cell phone exchange was between Landers and one inmate.


Williams also said the sheriff’s office could not confirm whether Landers benefited financially from the exchange.


At press time, Williams said she was unsure of the inmate’s specific punishment.

“We do generally reprimand the inmates,” Williams said. “Any inmate that breaks the rules receives a [punishment]. It’s generally a loss of privileges.”


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