DeKalb state rep disproves GA ‘voter fraud’


Holcomb receives answer from Secretary of State indicating less than 10 cases of alleged ‘double-voting

Thanks to Georgia state Rep. Scott Holcomb, President Donald Trump can scratch Georgia off the list of states that have allegedly committed voter fraud.

Holcomb, whose district covers Chamblee, Doraville and parts of unincorporated DeKalb County as part of Georgia’s 81st district, received a response from Georgia’s Chief Elections Officer Brian Kemp on Jan. 31 after requesting evidence of voter fraud via open records request on Jan. 25.

According to Kemp, fewer than 10 voters out of 4 million are being investigated for voting twice.

“Thanks to responsible election laws, Georgia had no cases of illegal voting in the 2016 election,” Kemp’s letter states. “In our state, we benefit from the protection of strict voter ID and voter verification laws as well as regular list maintenance activities.”

According to Kemp, Georgia law—referred to as “common sense” in the response—requires a photo ID when voting. In addition, he said Georgia residents are required to provide a driver’s license number or Social Security number to register to vote.

“Although I have confidence in Georgia elections, I cannot speak to other states that do not have these same protections,” Kemp said. “I appreciate the concern [Holcomb] shares for protecting Georgia’s voter rolls and I look forward to [his] support of future legislation that will continue to enhance this security.”

Holcomb posted Kemp’s response, which also details the state’s record voter turnout and online voter registration system, to his Facebook page for the public to read and comment on.

“I appreciate Secretary Kemp for his timely response,” Holcomb said. “The summary: the eighth most populous state had more than 4 million votes cast and there is an investigation into fewer than 10 voters who may have double-voted.”

Holcomb’s original open records request came the same day Trump announced on Twitter that he will ask for a major investigation into the issue of voter fraud.

“There is no evidence to support this serious allegation,” Holcomb said on Jan. 25. “The facts and truth matter and we can’t give up on insisting that our government be transparent and tell the truth.”

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