Despite loss, couple still thankful

Jamiracle Lett and her husband Lamourya were supposed to celebrate this Thanksgiving with their newborn son.

But May 5 happened. That’s the day the couple lost their baby boy. Still, they are thankful.
“I’m grateful that my son got a chance to open up his eyes in the arms of the Lord,” Jamiracle said.
It was a very happy pregnancy for the Letts, who were married on Valentine’s Day 2011.
Two weeks after moving into a new apartment in February 2012, they found out Jamiracle was pregnant.
“For my husband it was exciting,” said Jamiracle, a 25-year-old sales associate at a store at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport. “It was exciting for me, too; it just didn’t hit me yet. It didn’t hit me like a sack of bricks like it hit him.
“I don’t know what I was feeling,” she said. “I don’t know if I wanted to jump up and down or scream or cry. It was like my body was in shock and just stuck.”
“That was the best time of my life—even better when I found it was a boy,” said Lamourya, 24.
It was a planned pregnancy for the couple, who met first on the social website and later face-to-face at Northlake Mall. “It took us seven months to conceive,” Jamiracle said.

The couple informed Jamiracle’s mother Cassandra Lewis of the pregnancy during a midnight game of Hangman.
“It took her forever to figure [it] out,” Jamiracle said. “We had to give her clues. When she found out, [she] and my dog were jumping up in the kitchen. I videotaped the whole thing.
“We were very happy,” she said.
Jamiracle recalled craving fruit during her pregnancy.
“It had to be fresh and it had to be from Walmart,” Jamiracle said. “If I wanted something sweet it had to be a big bowl of fruit. And I craved QuikTrip—those skinny burritos.”
Lamourya said, “It was kind of nerve-wrecking to go to QuikTrip at one o’clock in the morning but it felt good to know that this was something we both wanted. It was just a life-changing moment.”
Then, on Thursday, May 5, Jamiracle said she woke up and went to the bathroom.
“I noticed drops of water going down my leg,” said Jamiracle, who was five months pregnant at the time. “I got my husband and said, ‘I don’t know what’s going on.’”
The fluid quickly turned to blood and the couple went to DeKalb Medical Center where medical staff performed an ultrasound and found no heartbeat for the baby.
There was nothing anyone could do; their baby boy, Lamourya Lett Jr., was lost. Doctors induced labor so that Jamiracle could give birth naturally to the baby.
“It made me feel angry,” Jamiracle said. “I’m a Christian, but my heart was filled with so much hatred. I felt like God was punishing me.
“I was mad at everything because I was so close,” she said. “He only had four months before he got to this world. He was supposed to be born Oct. 27 and not May 5.”
The Letts’ grief was compounded by the timing of their loss.
“That was the month we were supposed to find out the sex of the baby,” Jamiracle said.
Six months later the pain was still fresh for the Letts as they looked over reminders of their son’s short existence: a blanket he was wrapped in, a sonogram, a cardboard box containing his cremated remains.

“I try to avoid talking to people about children,” Lamourya said. “You can’t know how a person feels unless you’ve lost a loved one or a little child. Some people say ‘y’all should get over it’ and ‘it’ll be all right.’ But you don’t know. This is our first born.”
The Letts said they are thankful for the compassion of DeKalb Medical staff.
“They were awesome,” Jamiracle said. “Every nurse came to my room and they checked on me.
“They have been sending me cards,” she said. “They sent me a poem they wrote for my son.”
Lamourya said, “They went above and beyond. They still call and check up on us.”
Because sometimes the mother’s life is at risk with a pregnancy, Lamourya said, “I’m thankful that my wife survived through all that.
“God just made a way through it all,” he said. “Even now, with me not having a job, our bills are always paid. We’ve got plenty of food. We are so blessed that you wouldn’t know our situation unless we told you.
“Sometimes people aren’t thankful and grateful for what they’ve got. You’ve got to appreciate what you’ve got. Sometimes everything is not peaches and cream,” he said. “I know God is going to bless us with another baby.”

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