Doraville Mayor, council consider increase in pay


According to a recent legal notice sent to The Champion, Doraville Mayor Donna Pittman and city council members Dawn O’Connor, Robert Patrick, M.D. Naser, Sharon Spangler, Shannon Hillard and Pam Fleming intend to consider and vote on a salary increase at an August meeting.

 “Please take notice that the Mayor and council, at their August 21, 2017 council meeting, intend to consider and to vote upon an ordinance that will provide for an increase in compensation for the Mayor and members of the City Council, and if so approved, will become effective January 1, 2018,” the notice states.

 Doraville City Clerk Sherry Henderson told The Champion that such records are not available as of July 28 for inspection, citing O.C.G.A. 50-18-71(j), which states, “No public officer or agency shall be required to prepare new reports, summaries, or compilations not in existence at the time of the request.”

 Henderson said, “The notice is intended for public notice next week in the legal organ, with a public hearing set for Aug. 21. At this time, the proposed ordinance is not prepared.”

 The legal notice is scheduled to run Aug. 3, Aug. 10 and Aug. 17.

 According to the Georgia Department of Community Affair’s 2016 Municipal Wage and Salary Survey, Doraville council members receive $8,400 annually in compensation whereas the Mayor receives $14,800, totaling $65,200.

 According to Doraville’s most recent budget (2017-2018), $210,350—a $20,150 increase from the previous year—was appropriated to the general fund specifically for the mayor and city council. Another $5,000 was appropriated for elections.


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