End of an era

Popular DeKalb County skating rink Golden Glide officially closed its doors April 30, according to a company administrator.

Golden Glide closes its doors


Social media was abuzz the first week of May as many DeKalb County residents discovered a popular skating rink would be shutting down.

 Golden Glide, a skating rink in Decatur, announced it will be closing due to financial difficulties.

 The rink, located on 2750 Wesley Chapel Road, is advertised as a family-friendly business. An administrator with Golden Glide confirmed that the business officially shut down April 30. The Champion made phone calls to the owner, but the calls were not returned as of press time.

 Many DeKalb residents said they hate to see the once-popular skating rink rolling out for the last time.

 “Nonstop bass. That’s what I remember. You’re in a skating rink locked in all night,” said DeKalb County resident Joshua Bowens, 30.

 Bowens, who currently resides in Tucker, said he grew up with fond memories of Golden Glide. He said the experience is similar to the movie ATL—a metro-Atlanta based film starring rapper Tip Harris which follows the life of four friends participating in skate battles.


 “You had crews out there that could actually skate. They had games and benches and girls out there. You try to do your thing. At that time, I liked the inline skates because I used to be a blader,” Bowens said.

 Golden Glide had a “farewell” skate party April 30 attended by an estimated 1,300 people. Now, the business’s official website  states, “Effective immediately, Golden Glide is closed for business.”

 “Just hearing about it reminded me of all the memories of when I used to go there when I was younger,” said Jeff Killins.  “I could barely skate, but I’d still go out there.”

 Killins said he found out via social media that the skating rink would be closing. He said the rink was one of the last positive landmarks in that area of DeKalb County.

 “I went to school in DeKalb County from when I was 4 until I was 13. A large part of my childhood was in DeKalb County and going to skating rinks and going to Golden Glide,” Killins said. “You’ve got liquor stores and 12 wing places within a block from each other. To see our only skating rink go away, it’s just sad. But at the same time, times are changing. We need another way to get kids involved.”

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