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Georgia’s first female GOP member of Congress sworn in June 26

Republican Karen Handel defeated Democrat Jon Ossoff on June 20 in the Georgia 6th Congressional District special election runoff.
Handel received 51.9 percent of the vote while Ossoff received 48.1 percent, according to the secretary of state’s office.

Handel’s main support came from Fulton and Cobb counties, where she received 110,525 votes to Ossoff’s 91,046, with some precincts favoring the Republican by as much as 76 percent. Ossoff won DeKalb County 33,847 to 24,070.

Though Ossoff drew more early votes (76,028 to Handel’s 66,657), election day crowds favored Handel 67,938 to 48,865.

“I am truly humbled by tonight’s results and I am honored to represent this great district in the United States House of Representatives,” said Handel. “I will ensure the conservative legacy and leadership of Tom Price, Johnny Isakson and Newt Gingrich will continue. I want to thank all of my steadfast supporters who worked so hard and also my opponent Jon Ossoff, who ran a spirited campaign and I want to thank him for his commitment to public service.”

Handel’s victory speech also recognized Dunwoody councilman Terry Nall in addition to other local and national Republican leaders.

Ossoff’s concession speech included gratitude and encouragement.

“For months, this community in Georgia has been a beacon of hope for people across the country,” Ossoff said. “At a time when American politics is dominated by fear and deception, this community stood up for politics based on shared values, shared interests, civility, and respect. We showed the world that in places no one even thought it was possible to fight, we can fight, and we will fight. It’s extraordinary what this community has achieved, mounting an unprecedented grassroots effort powered by more than 12,000 volunteers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

The national spotlight has been on the 6th Congressional District race for the past six months, as it is one of the first elections since the November 2016 general election. It ended as the most costly congressional election in history.

The 6th Congressional District has been represented by a Republican since 1978.

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