Healthful water brings income stream

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Dawn Robertson said her venture into the world of business started with a decision to improve her own health habits.

“My wake-up call came when I was diagnosed with diabetes, even though I thought I was relatively healthy and I had just lost 40 pounds. When I was diagnosed, I was a normal weight. I learned that you can’t always make diabetes go away by losing weight, and I also learned that I needed to be proactive in my health management, and not just go with the flow, eating anything I want, thinking I could ‘work it off’ next week,” she said.

Robertson decided to become formally trained in nutrition by enrolling in a nutrition specialist program. She now operates a website promoting healthful eating and has a Lithonia-based business selling specially treated water.

A friend who knew of her interest in nutrition suggested she try filtered alkaline water. “My husband and I looked into it, and liked what we learned about the product. We began drinking it, and after a couple of years, decided to make it available to others,” Robertson said.

“Our product is Living Water pH9™,” she said, explaining that her company uses “a state-of-the-art water ionizer to produce ultra-filtered ionized alkaline water.”

“Alkaline water has many benefits,” according to Robertson. “It supports our body’s blood alkaline target of 7.365. If consumers were to test the pH level of some popular bottled water, they may be surprised to find that they are acidic.” She described the alkaline level in her product as “higher than the body’s target pH level to help neutralize excess acidic waste in our body.”

At a recent tasting event at Vitamin Unlimited in Lithonia, Robertson explains benefits of her water. Photos provided.
At a recent tasting event at Vitamin Unlimited in Lithonia, Robertson explains benefits of her water. Photos provided.

She said the concept is based on the work of Dr. Otto Warburg, the 1931 Nobel Prize winner in medicine, whom she said demonstrated that cancer is accompanied by acidosis (excess acid) and a lack of oxygen in cells. “So, I encourage my customers to consume lots of alkaline foods (generally produce) and ionized, alkaline water, to decrease their risk of developing cancer, or even other diseases,” she said.

Another benefit of drinking alkaline water, Robertson asserted, “is that you’ll likely maintain a healthy weight, or even lose weight. …Drinking alkaline water can help reduce excess acid, which decreases the body’s need to retain or create fat.”

Robertson said in addition to being ionized, the water is oxygenated through electrolysis, “making it more similar to water found in rapidly flowing springs and streams. Oxygenated water promotes increased energy, memory enhancement and better workout recovery.”

“We did product development in 2012, whereby we developed our branding, packaging and product line for alkaline Living Water pH9. Then this year, we launched it on our information website and accompanying online store,” she said.

“For a new product introduction, it’s been selling as well as we expected, with good growth each month,” Robertson said. “The single serve bottle is being carried at the three stores that we pitched it at, and we look forward to having more stores pick up our water in upcoming months. So we’re pleased, and look forward to continued growth next year.”

Robertson recently hosted a tasting event at Vitamin Unlimited in Lithonia, noting that such demonstrations are one way she acquaints potential customers with her product. She said she also promotes the product, which is available in some health food stores and can be ordered directly from Robertson, at community health and wellness events.

“My primary goal is to promote the health and wellness of the people that we serve. I’m passionate about helping people stay healthy or become healthier,” she said. “As my business grows, I look forward to expanding and hiring people to continue meeting demand.”

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