Interim CEO says he is a victim of fraud

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Interim DeKalb CEO Lee May said he did not cash a $4,000 check signed with his name.

“A fraud has been committed using my name and my position,” May said in an April 24 statement. He is calling for an investigation to discover who is responsible for the alleged fraud.

The alleged fraud involves a December 2010 sewage flood in his Kilkenny Circle home.

After voting as a county commissioner in December 2010 in favor of $1.345 billion in improvements to DeKalb’s water and sewer system, May said he had firsthand knowledge of the problems with sewage spills. The sewer system in his neighborhood clogged up and the only place sewage was coming out was through his toilet.

“My backyard is full of sewage right now—frozen sewage,” May said at the time.

May said April 24 he had recently learned that when a contractor came to his property to remove the sewage and repair the damage, May “received expedited treatment by county staff regarding the payment to the contractor for fixing the damage.”

“This information was news to me,” May stated. “I neither had any knowledge, directly or indirectly, of special treatment, nor did I request any.”

May said the repairs were paid by the county in the form of a $6,400 check directly to the vendor in June 2011.
An investigation by the AJC and WSB has revealed, May stated, that a $4,000 check “was written by the contractor to my name and cashed into a bank in North Georgia.”

“Let me be very clear: I did not receive this check. I did not cash this check. I did not receive any funds from this check. The endorsement signature on the back of this check is not mine,” May stated.

May said he has “reported this illegal activity” to the FBI, GBI and DeKalb District Attorney’s office “to investigate this matter thoroughly.”

In 2011, the contractor won a $300,000 contract with DeKalb County, May stated.

“I supported the staff’s recommendation to approve the contract due to the fact that it was the lowest bid through a competitive process,” May stated. “Nevertheless, in light of all the other circumstances, this is disturbing and I have asked the county’s purchasing director to review this matter and determine if any laws or rules were violated.”

The details of the incident also have been turned over to Mike Bowers and Richard Hyde, special investigators recently hired by May to “expose any corruption or malfeasance” in the DeKalb County government.

“When I assumed the position as interim CEO for DeKalb County in July 2013, my No. 1 priority was to restore the peoples’ trust in their government,” May stated. “My commitment to reform our government and root out any corruption or malfeasance is firm and unwavering.

“I have no tolerance for any illegal or unethical conduct in my administration,” May said. “I am determined to do everything in my power to reform DeKalb County, root out corruption and malfeasance, and restore the public’s trust.”

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