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Judge sustains suspensions of two former DeKalb school board members


Gov. Nathan Deal announced July 24 that chief administrative law Judge Maxwell Woods has sustained the suspensions of two DeKalb County school board members who petitioned for their reinstatement earlier this year.

The judge ruled that both Sarah Copelin-Woods and Pamela Speaks failed to show that their presence on the DeKalb school board would improve the ability of the local school system to retain or re-attain its accreditation, as required by state law. The rulings in the cases of two other suspended board members who petitioned for reinstatement–Eugene Walker and Jesse “Jay” Cunningham–will be determined at a later date.

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One Comment

  1. sara says:

    People died so that we could have the right to vote. If the Board was to be removed, the voters should have done that. Has any one paid attention to how many people are leaving the DCSS? If things had turned around and were so great, I do not think that you would see this kind of movement. School is going to open without the schools being staffed. We have no direction.
    The state has taken a huge amount of money from DeKalb and given it to other school districts. Are these the people we should trust to make decisions about DeKalb.
    Have we just given up on DeKalb???
    First the BOE and now the CEO. This is not an attempt to defend any person that may have done wrong.
    When the decisions of the voters can be overturned, what does our vote mean?

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