Kudzu eating goats back in Brookhaven

goats in brookhaven

Brookhaven’s Parks and Recreation Department have brought back goats to take care of a recurring invasive problem in the city’s parks.

Beginning July 29, the parks and rec department reintroduced goats to select Brookhaven parks to help control invasive plant species such as kudzu.

The goats started their work in Osborne Park, and will stay there for the next two weeks. Afterwards, another herd of goats will be placed in Briarwood Park to eat the Kudzu and other overgrowth.

Kudzu was introduced to the United States in 1876 at the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition and has taken root throughout the Southeast in the decades since.

“Kudzu has been known to grow at rates as rapid as one foot per day and their invasive nature demands effective methods of control,” Parks and Recreation Director Brian Borden said. “I believe that the utilization of goat herds is not only effective but environmentally friendly as well.”

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