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The Champion Newspaper’s social media manager, Donna Turner, wanted to pick up a challenging new hobby. She considers herself a “pro” at crocheting, but likes the versatility that knitting offers. Since she didn’t know anyone who knits, and YouTube videos were too confusing for her, Turner sought the help of a professional. Enter Carrie Dodd, owner of Sheepish. Located in downtown Decatur, Sheepish is a shop that focuses on knitting, crocheting and spinning. It has a variety of yarns and supplies for knitting and crocheting.


Dodd offers individual lessons, and Turner said a one-on-one lesson would be the best way for her to learn.

“I really wanted someone to show me exactly what to do. I learn better when I can watch the instructor and ask questions,” said Turner. “She was a great teacher…extremely patient and encouraging.”

By the end of the one-hour lesson, Turner successfully learned the purl and knit stitches. With her new skills in tow, Turner left with the confidence to continue knitting the bright magenta scarf that she started with Dodd.

Every Tuesday from 6 to 8 p.m. the store has “Knit-Night,” a free social gathering, open to all skill levels and ages. It is not a class but a chance to get together with other people who knit and crochet.


—Travis Hudgons


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  1. C Peterson says:

    Thank you for showing the value of hands on training. YouTube videos are great for a refresher, but nothing beats a teacher showing you how a process is done.

  2. Michele says:

    Great story and photos! I agree, nothing beats a human instructor. Sheepish is a Decatur treasure–not just a place to buy yarn, but a place to learn life-enriching skills and connect with others. Carrie Dodd, the owner, is a master knitter and crocheter, and an enthusiastic and skilled teacher.

  3. Cindy Lutenbacher says:

    Wonderful store! When I walk in, I feel like I’m home…and I don’t even knit or crochet.

  4. Genevieve says:

    Sheepish lessons are also great if you want to learn a new technique. Cary taught me to knit two socks at a time, toe-up. It is great to have a Local Yarn Shop (LYS) in our community!

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