Local NAACP president ‘troubled’ by DeKalb police officer video



 A video showing a DeKalb County Police officer beating a woman has made national headlines and the president of the DeKalb County National Association for the Advancement of Colored People chapter said the incident is “troubling.”

 Video surfaced of DeKalb County Police Officer P.J. Larscheidstriking a woman several times with his baton in a convenience store while telling her to “stop resisting arrest.”

 The incident occurred on June 4 at a gas station on Glenwood Road. According to the incident report, Larscheid said he was called to the gas station because of a woman soliciting customers for money inside the store. When Larscheid arrived, the woman, 38-year-old Katie McCrary, attempted to walk past Larscheid stating, “the girl you lookin for is over there.”

 Larscheid said McCrary, who is listed as homeless, told him that she was a federal agent and gave him a random badge number. When Larscheid told McCrary she could be arrested for impersonating an officer, McCrary began to grab for his badge, according to the police report.

 “The female continued to grab my vest with her hands and I then deployed my ASP baton and instructed her to lay down on the ground,” Larscheid wrote in his incident report. “The suspect refused my commands and I then delivered an unknown amount of baton strikes to her left leg.”

 A portion of the incident was caught on camera and posted on various social media platforms and broadcast on national news outlets.

 Teresa Hardy, president of the DeKalb County Branch of NAACP, said she was troubled when she watched the video.

 In an interview with The Champion, Hardy said the NAACP plans to remain in contact with the DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office and the DeKalb County Police Department.

 “The NAACP was totally troubled when we saw this video,” said Hardy, who said the organization received the video July 10. “Our view is that all citizens should be treated fairly…that’s our mission. Our focus is to make sure the female is represented fairly.”

 In the video, Larscheid can be heard saying, “Let go or I’m going to shoot you.”

 According to a statement from the DeKalb County Police Department, an investigation into Larscheid’s actions will be reopened. The department said the video is “new evidence” in the case.

 “The investigation will cover all aspects of the use of force incident as well as the original investigation conducted by the officer’s immediate supervisors,” DeKalb County Police Department said in a released statement.

 Larscheid has been placed on restricted administrative duty pending the outcome of the investigation.

 Hardy said the NAACP is “intently awaiting” the outcome of the investigation.

 “The video really startled me. After reviewing the video several times, it bothers me that this officer continues to beat this woman with a baton. As a woman, I didn’t take it lightly and I want to be included in this process,” Hardy said.

 McCary was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital where she was evaluated and released. Larscheid said he noticed a laceration on McCary’s left shin and a welt on her left forearm.

 McCary was also given a criminal trespassing warning at the request of the store owner.




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