Marist lacrosse team has five sets of brothers, including coaching staff

Marist brothers

It is not unusual for siblings to play on the same team.

However, rarely does a team have a set of brothers on the coaching staff and four sets of brothers on the player roster. That is the case for Marist boys’ lacrosse team.

Kevin and Shaun Lux are assistant coaches on the team. On the team are brothers Michael and Charlie Addicks, Kyle and Kevin Coughlin, Jackson and William Mudd, and Chris and Matt Zowine.

“This is pretty unusual,” sophomore Michael Addicks said about playing with other sets of brothers. “Most of the time it’s just us two on [a] team with no other brothers.”

This is Michael’s and his brother Charlie’s first time playing lacrosse together. Charlie was the first to try out for lacrosse.

“I started playing in seventh grade when a bunch of my friends started playing,” Charlie said. “So I stopped [playing] baseball to play lacrosse.”

“I saw how much fun he was having and then my friend got me into it too,” Michael said.

Both brothers said it is “fun” and “weird” to play on the same team, but in practice it is a different story.

“We go a little harder at each other,” Charlie said. “We compete more against each other.”

“It’s kind of fun to be able to get some shots in whenever you can,” Michael said.

The Zowine brothers also like to go at each other in practice.

“Sometimes we go a little extra [at each other],” said junior Matt Zowine. “I may throw a hard check in there I don’t see why not.”

Lacrosse is in the Zowines’ blood. Their father played in college, and when the brothers “got tired of baseball,” they picked up lacrosse. Unlike the Addicks, the Zowines began playing lacrosse at a young age.

“I was on and off for a while starting in third grade, but I started playing for real my freshman year,” Matt said.

“[It] was the same [for me],” said Chris, who is a freshman.

Playing on the same team is also a first for the Zowines.

“It’s very fun,” Matt said. “It’s a different dynamic between me and him and between the other guys as well. I know it’s really fun for our parents to see us on the field at the same time, on the same defensive line and stuff.”

“We sort of have a chemistry,” Chris added. “It’s kind of natural.”

For senior Kevin Coughlin, this is not his first time playing on the same team with a brother.

“I’ve been playing since third grade,” Kevin said. “My oldest brother, [Danny], who is currently playing at Georgia Tech, started playing when he was in fifth grade, and he got me playing and that’s how I picked it up.”

This is the first time Kevin and Kyle, a sophomore, have played on the same team.

“I started in eighth grade,” Kyle said. “My brothers influenced me and I switched over from soccer.”

Both brothers play on defense and enjoy playing together in games and in practice.

“This is a lot of fun,” Kevin said. “It’s not many times that you get to play with one brother and then play with two brothers.”

“It’s pretty cool,” Kyle said. “I get to look up to them and it’s very cool.”

Marist’s lacrosse team is 9-4 as of April 27 and ranked No. 10 in Class A-AAAAA. The team has wins over No. 4-ranked Cambridge, No. 5-ranked St. Pius and No. 7-ranked McIntosh. Marist has a chance to win the region, and the team has hopes to win state, which would mean a lot to the brothers.

“It would be cool that we did it together and with a bunch of brothers,” Charlie Addicks said.


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