MARTA brings TOD to Chamblee

On May 10, the city of Chamblee and MARTA officials held a groundbreaking ceremony for Trackside, a transit oriented development located adjacent to the Chamblee station MARTA rail line.


Chamblee Mayor Eric Clarkson said he’s excited that the city will have its first “Class A” office project after officials with MARTA and Pattillo Industrial Real Estate held a groundbreaking ceremony for a $25 million project named Trackside.

 Trackside, located adjacent from the Chamblee MARTA station parking lot at the intersection of Peachtree Road and Chamblee Tucker Road, is being developed by Parkside Partners and Pattillo Industrial Real Estate.  

 The transit oriented development (TOD) will feature two buildings with roughly 70,000 square feet of office space, 10,000 square feet of retail space and 4,3000 square feet of green space.

 Clarkson said this type of development fits into the Chamblee model.


 “It’s very exciting and hopefully this shows others that they can build office space here,” Clarkson said after Trackside’s groundbreaking ceremony. “To get people to work down here that use the transit and use MARTA to get to work is going to be a great transformative project for the city.”

 There were a few delays associated with the project, in part because of environmental issues at the site. Clarkson said the project was well worth the wait.

 “It was challenging. It’s a MARTA lot so there’s certain things that they have to do differently than just a private property owner would do, but they were great partners to work with,” Clarkson said. “Good things come to those who wait. We did have to wait and Chamblee has some tougher design standards than other communities, but we’re sticking to our vision.”

 Trackside is one of three TOD projects currently under construction by MARTA. MARTA general manager and CEO Keith Parker said the company has continued to grow over the years.

 “This is more than just a transit system. We hope to move forward and bring in new developments and companies. We’re creating our own model and working hard with the development community and with elected officials,” Parker said.

The development is scheduled for completion in spring of 2018. Parker said Trackside can help MARTA’s brand moving forward.

 “This is wonderful for us and our customers. These are customers who we don’t have to do anything for— We don’t have to provide parking for them because they’re already here [near Chamblee MARTA station] and they already know the transit system so they can walk out their front door onto the train,” Parker said. “These are the gold standard of customers when you can do this type of development.”

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