Mystery mini door pops up in Decatur

This is one of 57 doors installed across the country. Photo by Gale Horton Gay

Teeny, tiny doors are showing up across the country in most unusual public places—outside restaurants, in a ferry terminal, along a wall by a vacant lot. Recently, a small pale green door appeared on W. Ponce de Leon at the corner of Commerce Street in Decatur.

This art project has an element of mystery. The miniature doors—which measure four inches by eight inches go up without any fanfare and likely leave people wondering “Who did this” and “Why?”

Who is part of the mystery. The person behind it wants to remain anonymous, however on his or her Facebook page they explained the following: “I came up with this idea after I realized that I rush through life too fast. So I have made these small miniature doors. I will be putting them up everywhere I travel for the next five years. So make sure you slow down and look for those small details.”

The doors—57 of them so far—have been installed in locations in San Francisco, Nashville, Dallas, Washington, D.C., and other cities. Most recently one was placed in downtown Decatur, just steps away from the doors of Ted’s Montana Grill. It has the number 81 and a door knob in a brass color.

The project’s creator said the first door was put up in Great Barrington, Mass., on Jan. 13, 2013. Currently doors have been installed in locations in 15 states.

“I purchase the plywood, desig and build each individual door, and personally put them up,” said the designer and creator. “So far I’ve had all positive responses to the project. People are always eager for more and are interested in going around and finding the different doors.”

Asked why the anonymity, the individual behind the Doors Project, replied, “I’ve chosen to stay anonymous because I want to keep the project as pure as possible and focus on the doors themselves and finding the people that take time away from their busy lives to notice those intricate details that so many people miss by rushing from place to place.”

I plan to place my homemade small miniature doors around all the places that I travel. Exploring the concept of who really slows down to see the fine details that are all around us.

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