New pizza place keeps pies fresh and cheap

Adam Kotter, founder of Ready to go Pizza, aims to offer customers the best possible ingredients for the lowest possible price. Photos by Daniel Beauregard

A new pizza place recently opened in Decatur with one goal: to offer a pizza pie with the freshest ingredients available, at the lowest possible price.

Ready to go Pizza owner Adam Kotter said he was tired each week of facing a “dilemma” during his family’s pizza and movie night.

“I could buy a cheap $5 pizza that was always hot and ready but had an inconsistent-to-poor quality or spend twice as much for a better pizza,” Kotter said.

Kotter said he set out to solve the problem with his new restaurant, which is located at 4001 Glenwood Road in a refurbished building that had been abandoned for years. He said it is the first of many locations set to open in the metro Atlanta area over the next several years.

“Just because something has always been done the same way, doesn’t mean it should be,” Kotter said. “I wanted to know if it was possible to create a high-quality pizza at an affordable price.”


After deciding he wanted to try his hand at creating a low-cost, quality pizza, Kotter began studying different food establishments and taking notes on what worked and what didn’t. He said he wanted to provide excellent customer service and used Georgia-based Chick-Fil-A as a model for the “high-water mark in the quick-serve industry.”

Prior to trying his hand at the pizza business, Kotter was a successful entrepreneur in the information technology (IT) industry. However, he said he wanted to try something new because the IT industry is constantly changing.

“I’ve been a very successful entrepreneur in the IT industry but computers change every two years—pizza doesn’t,” Kotter said.

Kotter said to make sure he had the best ingredients and flavor profile for his pizza, he and several family members did a blind taste test of all the different types of pizzas available in the metro Atlanta area. He then enlisted the services of chef Derin Moore and his team at Performance Food Group.

Moore and Kotter worked together to find a blend of cheeses, a custom sauce, and a unique dough recipe.

“I was thrilled to learn that I could indeed use high-quality ingredients to create a great pizza for $5,” Kotter said. “The winner in the end is the customer.”

Kotter, who has five children and a host of grandchildren, said he knows how tough it is to feed a family sometimes without breaking the bank or going out of your way to cook a meal after work.

“For those days when my wife and I are tired and just want something good, easy, and inexpensive for dinner, this is a pretty great answer,” Kotter said.

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