‘No city like Stonecrest’

jason lary

As residents enjoyed a block party Nov. 11 for the grand opening of Stonecrest’s city hall, Stonecrest officials basked in the national exposure thanks to a “unique” pitch to bring a second Amazon headquarters to the newly formed city.

Stonecrest’s city hall, located at 3120 Stonecrest Boulevard, will serve as offices for Stonecrest officials and staff. The grand opening ceremony featured remarks from DeKalb County commissioners Gregory Adams and Mereda Davis Johnson as well as representative Hank Johnson.

“This is what makes a city great. Having a group of people [who] can work together to move things forward,” Adams said.

Stonecrest officials said the new city hall has been years in the making. Last year voters approved to incorporate the city of Stonecrest, which serves approximately 50,000 residents and is the largest city by population in the county.

“We’ve been waiting for this for four or five years. This is the culmination of five years of hard work and I couldn’t be happier for the people of Stonecrest. This is a big deal for us,” said Stonecrest assistant manager Plez Joyner. “This just goes to show that this can be done.”

The grand opening celebration featured live music, food and performances from the Arabia Mountain High School marching band.

“Stonecrest is built for the community and we wanted this to be a community event,” Joyner said. “It’s a community effort all the way around. Welcome to Stonecrest.”

During the event, Stonecrest officials took a moment to address the national exposure received from the city’s pitch to lure a second Amazon headquarters to the area.

If Amazon chooses Stonecrest, Mayor Jason Lary said the city would annex more than 300 acres of land and rename it “Amazon.”

“I have one trick, and that’s vision. I can see where we’re going from here and I see greatness,” Lary said. “We have a great council and the best staff.”

According to Amazon, the company will invest approximately $5 billion into the city it chooses for its second headquarters. The commerce trade business also is expected to create an estimated 50,000 jobs.

“Folks we’re just not going to be denied,” Lary said. “It’s just that simple. We won’t trade in our name, we’re just going to add a name for them. We will still be the mighty Stonecrest. Period. We’re just willing to carve off a piece to bring commerce, jobs and infrastructure.”

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