OPINION: An inch from a heart attack

John Hewitt's Opinion Piece for Champion Newspaper

Having the latest technological gadgets doesn’t particularly interest me; my general opinion is that if I already have a working device that serves the same purpose, there is no reason for an upgrade or replacement.

One such device that came standard on my recently purchased car is a backup camera. When I bought the car, had there been an option of not having the camera, I would have not paid extra for it.

For more than 45 years, I’ve successfully maneuvered my vehicle in reverse without the assistance of a camera. However, I admit that now that I have it, I often use it instead of contorting my body and twisting my head around like an owl looking for prey.

However, as with any advances in technology, with the benefits come the challenges.

On a recent morning as I was leaving the local post office, I had a not-so-pleasant experience with my backup camera and it almost caused a heart attack.

My wife called just as I was getting in my car. We were having a basically meaningless conversation. As we were talking, I started my engine, put the car in reverse and glanced down at the monitor to see if there was anything behind me.

I then yelled, “Oh my god! There’s a huge snake skin hanging from the back of my car.

Let me call you back.”

Chills went through my veins as I stared into the screen in disbelief seeing what appeared to be a massive snake skin hanging from my car and blowing in the breeze.

I am absolutely terrified of snakes and my mind immediately began pondering where the skin had come from and was its original owner possibly in my car with me. It made perfect sense to me that if the snake skin was hanging from the back of the car that in all likelihood, the snake was in my rear storage area, just feet from me.

My fear, apprehension and curiosity got to me.

I gathered the courage to get out of my car and go behind it for a closer look, but was terrified of what I might see.

I slowly crept behind my car, keeping a safe distance and probably looking very foolish, but didn’t see anything remotely similar to what I saw in my backup camera monitor.

Feeling a bit relieved, I got closer to my car for a more thorough inspection and still didn’t see anything.

Confident that what I saw must have been some sort of optical illusion, I got back in my car, again put it in reverse, and again saw this horrific image in my camera monitor.

For the second time, I shut my engine off and went around to the back of my car to inspect. I still didn’t see anything that looked like what I saw on the monitor.

Being relieved that there was no snake skin attached, but still curious as to what I was seeing, I got close enough to the actual camera to inspect it and then saw the culprit.

What appeared to be a large snake skin was actually a tiny, harmless inch worm attached to the top of the camera and blowing around in the strong breeze. What a relief that was—humiliating and embarrassing, but still a relief.

Perhaps there should be a warning on the camera monitor that reads “Objects in monitor may appear dramatically larger than they are.”

That tiny inch worm almost gave me a massive heart attack.

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