OPINION: Escaping Donald Trump nearly impossible


I recently spent 10 days out of the country in central Africa and while I was looking forward to the trip for the cultural experiences, outdoor adventure and simply getting away from the routine, I anticipated another benefit—escaping the bombardment of reports about President Donald Trump.

I have become weary trying to stay up with the barrage of serious new reports, online jokes and opinions, standup comedy routines and comedic television skits about this country’s commander in chief. Some days I wish I could just turn it off and not pay attention to it, but I don’t dare. In all the ridiculousness surrounding America’s top leader, serious business is at stake that will affect my life and the lives of all Americans as well as people around the world.

The news media must cover the actions, orders, speeches, Tweets, rants of the 45th president of the United States as well as the subsequent reactions. But, boy is it exhausting trying to stay up with it all.

While traveling to and touring Uganda, I couldn’t totally escape. In airports in Atlanta, Turkey and Uganda, TV screens projected images and news about Trump—although many times it was in languages I couldn’t understand. Even as I sat on one flight and looked at the passenger in front of me who was reading a German newspaper, the words “Donald Trump” stood out although the rest of the headline I couldn’t understand as it was in German.

Mr. Trump was the repeated topic of discussion among my colleagues (writers and tour operators) while having drinks, at dinner and while traveling together in a bus visiting hotels and tourism sites. They wondered about his obsession with the media and exactly what his foreign policies will be. My foreign friends expressed their fears and concerns and looked to us Americans for answers to the questions about what’s going to happen next. We shared our views but we really had no answers.

What happens in America has an effect on people around the world. The world is watching us and the world is worried.

I hope and pray that in the days and months to come the president and our leaders govern in such a way that is less comical and is more reassuring that America is on solid footing with its domestic and international agendas.


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