OPINION: Fighting for what we believe is the American way


Opinion_Gale_Horton_GayFor those of us weary from the spectacle that was the 6th Congressional District political race, the upcoming Fourth of July holiday should be welcome relief.

It is a day to celebrate the birth of our nation with patriotic events such as parades, road races, concerts, cookouts and, of course, fireworks. The nation will be awash in America’s colors of red, white and blue, giving us a momentary feeling of truly being united. It will be a fleeting feeling though and by July 5, our country’s deep divisions will be apparent once more.

For weeks all eyes were on Georgia in the tough and, at times, ugly runoff that resulted in Republican Karen Handel winning more votes than Democrat Jon Ossoff in a contest that’s been declared the most expensive House race ever. They held radically different views on healthcare, the economy, national security and foreign affairs.

Over the last decade, we’ve witnessed our electorate being responsible for unprecedented changes that few could have predicted in our nation’s political scene—an African-American elected to America’s highest office followed by a billionaire with no political experience. Both men were supported by different factions of Americans who passionately wanted to see the country taken in decidedly different directions.

However, fighting for what we believe in is the cornerstone of our nation. America, after all, formed after colonists became disgruntled with British policies over taxes and voting rights.
As divided as we are in 2017, it is our continued determination to fight—through protests, discourse and backing candidates who support our ideals—that keeps shaping and reshaping our nation. Whether it’s fighting city hall, the county commission or the school board, we share an obligation to let our voices be heard and fight for what we believe and against bad policies.

So do not despair when the last firework explodes brilliantly lighting the night sky on July 4 and we return to disagreeing and fighting over the direction of our country. It’s the American way.


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