OPINION: Let fall signal time to get out of our ruts

Fall is officially here.

While it has taken a while to feel like it weather-wise, our environment is on the cusp of change. The days have already started to shorten and the searing heat of summer is slowly tamping down. We’re witnessing leaves taking on autumnal hues as we move into fall’s full embrace before heading into winter.

For me, the change of seasons is a good time to consider making some personal changes as well.

So many of us get into a rut in our lives—doing the same things to the point of boredom or a feeling of meaninglessness. However, we individually have the ability to change our lives in minute or big ways.

Recently as the editor of the lifestyle section of The Champion, I received an email about a group offering a free introduction to English country dancing.

That’s right, English country dancing. I’d never heard of it but apparently there are folks in our midst who gather to learn how to do it just for fun. I also received an email about bowling leagues—divided by age, sex, disability and sexual orientation—forming at the new Comet Pub and Lanes in Decatur.

Last year after doing a story on tai chi at the Clarkston Community Center, my husband and I left our home and our on-too-often TVs behind and took tai chi classes. We enjoyed it for several weeks, learning the slow, measured movements that are relaxing and, according to the instructor, provide health benefits for those who stick to it long enough.

This fall there will have been free concerts on the Decatur Square on Saturday nights as well as free Thursday evening jazz nights at the Solarium in Decatur.

Activities abound at Fernbank Forest, Arabia Mountain, the Marcus Jewish Community Center Atlanta, Porter Sanford Performing Arts and Community Center, Decatur Recreation Center, DeKalb parks and recreation centers and more—some with fees, many with no charge.

The point is that there is a wealth of things to do—most of which will be new territory for many of us. It may be a flash-in-the-pan experience or become something that evolves into a long-term activity. Either way, it’s bound to introduce new people, new places and new experiences into our lives. Either way, doing something new is sure to get us out of our ruts.

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