OPINION: Positives outweigh the negatives here in DeKalb


Those of us tasked with writing editorial and opinion pieces certainly have no shortage of topics from which to choose. In DeKalb County, we barely can get over one scandal before we find ourselves faced with yet another negative situation. Sometimes even those of us trained and experienced in expressing our views find it difficult to provide insight or a point of view that hasn’t already been expressed about these tumultuous affairs.

I won’t even try to give voice to the obvious most recent negative news.

Instead I am purposely choosing to focus on the positive.

Every day in our neighborhoods, positive and inspirational things are taking place. Individuals are choosing to do the right thing. They are operating in selfless ways. Honesty is paramount. Our neighbors are reaching and exceeding goals they have set for themselves. Kindnesses are being extended in more ways than many of can imagine.

Right here in DeKalb County—despite what we so often read, see and hear in the newspaper, social media, TV and radio—people are living in peace and harmony. Communities are focusing on improving their appearances and the safety and welfare of their residents.

Personally, I think the month of May showcases some of our best positives as this is when students are recognized for their year (and years) of hard work with special awards as well as diplomas and degrees as they graduate from high school and college. They are bursting with hope, promise and skies-the-limit visions of the future. They are moving on to jobs, enlistment in the military and higher education.

We see these young graduates, their parents and relatives as well as friends beaming with pride as they gather for celebratory dinners at local restaurants. Neighborhoods roll out their banners to proclaiming their delight in the accomplishments of their graduates as well. These young people are the next generation who will bring new ideas, new leadership, new ways to live in harmony and decency to our communities.

While there’s no stopping negative occurrences from happening or the media reporting on it (as we should), let’s not lose sight of reality—that positive things are happening around us all the time in both big and small ways.

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