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Opinion_Gale_Horton_GayThe Labor Day weekend is often viewed as the unofficial end of summer, but for many of us in metro Atlanta the beginning of the school year signals that the sunshine and fun season is just about over.

Back-to-school shopping frenzies and all those yellow school buses clogging our morning commute are often what we associate with the end of one season and the beginning of another.

However, fall doesn’t officially launch until Sept. 22 so there’s still plenty of summer ahead of us. In fact, those of us fortunate to live in the South can look forward to warm weather and sunny days well into October and sometimes November.

An added benefit of the dog days of summer is that so many places that were previously congested with children and families now are experiencing decreased attendance as many of the younger set head off to school.

The beauty of this time of year is that most hotels and resorts are offering, or soon will be offering, shoulder season discounts to attract customers. For example, condos by the beach that might have been leased for $300 a night during the height of the summer may be available in September or October for $150 or less a night.

There are no shortages of places in the north Georgia mountains, along the coast and throughout the state worth visiting that now are an incredible value. Georgia state parks, trips to Florida, Tennessee and other neighboring states are a few suggestions for late-summer getaways.

Locally many municipalities are announcing outdoor “fall” festival events focused on art, music, food and drink that start in the weeks to come.

August and September really are some of the best months to plan to discover something new or revisit an old favorite.
So before you bid summer farewell and wipe tears from your eyes, know that the best of the seasons is ahead of us. Get out there and enjoy it.

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