Power outage forced resident to throw out $400 worth of food




For three days, DeKalb County resident Connie Irvin and her family were without power due to tropical storm Irma.

 Irvin’s power went out the afternoon of Sept. 11 and was turned back on after 8 p.m.  on Sept. 13. Due to the long period without power, Irvin had to clean out her refrigerator.

 “We had to throw away all of our food,” she said. “Seven trash bags worth of food. Some new, some old.”

 She said she threw out at least $400 worth of food.

 Irvin said she and her family found ways to entertain themselves during the power outage, including playing cards and board games.

 “I read and was on social media especially Facebook more than usual,” she said.

 Irvin said she tried her best to prepare for the storm by buying candles and food. If she had known the outcome of the storm, Irvin said she probably would have gone out of town to visit family.

 “Sometimes you just never know how severe a storm will be,” she said.

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  1. Adele Hollis says:

    IT was hard for me to find me some food to eat,Because Iam DIABETIC, But I made,play some Game with Family.

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