President Trump’s election a wakeup call for some


DeKalb County residents concerned with the recent decisions of President Donald Trump’s administration held a “Stand Up for Democracy” rally on the square in downtown Decatur on March 11.

 The rally featured various guest speakers and covered such topics as immigration rights, access to health care and the role of the press in the Trump administration.

 George Lawes with the group Neighborhood Action Group and Salon (NAGS), who sponsored the weekend event, said the election of Trump was a wakeup call for many.

 The grassroots organization started almost immediately after Trump took office, Lawes said. The group is made of roughly 75 members, he said.


 “We wanted to come together in our community and we’re going to stand up and not accept dividing us through fear, race or religion,” Lawes said.  “One of the great things that’s happened since the election is there’s been a rebirth of people concerned about being a community and starting to look at each other more closely. As a White person, Black person, a Muslim person or Hispanic person we have to all look at each other and realize we’re in this together.”

 The Alt-Right, otherwise known as the Alternative Right, is a far-right wing group with ties to White nationalist groups. The group has shown its support for Trump in rallies across the country. Lawes said the Alt-Right agenda has been a call to stand up for diversity and inclusivity

 Supporters of the rally, which drew in nearly 400 people, also had the opportunity to mail letters to Trump.  

 “We just hope more communities do events like this. It must be driven from the town up. We’re just really happy that we had a great turnout today and a lot of wonderful speakers,” Lawes said.

 For more information, watch the video above or check out an upcoming article of the Champion Newspaper.


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