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Radio shows host diaper drive in DeKalb for Hurricane Harvey victims

DeKalb County officials, residents and radio hosts stopped by South DeKalb Mall in Decatur to give diapers and wipes for the “help Houston diaper drive” for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

The drive, held Sept. 6, was hosted by radio stations V-103, 92.9 The Game and 1380 WAOK. Volunteers collected wipes and diapers for newborns and adults.

According Rashad Richey, a mid-day host for 1380 WAOK and contributor for V-103, the needs of babies and the elderly are sometimes overlooked during a disaster.

“Based on our research, we found that FEMA does not provide diapers for those that are in need. Not just kids, but we’re also talking about the elderly,” Richey said. “We decided to take up the slack and do a diaper and baby wipes drive because that is a need not currently provided by FEMA.”

Volunteers collected diapers and wipes until 6 p.m. at South DeKalb Mall and filled a 58-foot-tractor trailer. The drive even received a sizable donation from Atlanta-based actor and director Tyler Perry. Perry delivered a 22-foot Penske rental truck filled with diapers and wipes.

V-103 Morning Show host Ryan Cameron said it was important to give diapers to victims of Hurricane Harvey because it is an item that may be overlooked.

“A lot of these service organizations, not to knock them or anything, don’t give out diapers,” Cameron said. “We’re expecting to fill up this truck up at our three various locations. Tyler Perry is a good friend of mine and we’re expecting him here in spirit with a big donation today.”

Cameron said the reports on CNN prompted him and other radio show hosts to act.

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“It’s just sad,” Cameron said. “I mean, who doesn’t love babies? Somethings are polarizing on whether people want to support something or not, but with these cause, you know it’s for the kids and the babies. We don’t want parents to worry about how they can take care of their kids.”

DeKalb County resident Nathalie Robinson said she came by the diaper drive to do her “small part.” Robinson, a mother of three kids, said she was happy to see the community come together for the diaper drive.

The radio stations also collected diapers at two other locations at the Infinite Energy Arena in Duluth and Camp Creek Marketplace.

“Sometimes we do forget about the babies,” Robinson said. “It kind of pulls at your heart because I can only imagine a baby there that’s helpless. They depend on you, so you must take care of their every need. They don’t know that a hurricane has happened. The least we can do is help. Every little bit helps.”

DeKalb County Health Director Elizabeth Ford and David Manuel, interim deputy director of DeKalb County Parks and Recreational Affairs, also attended the diaper drive.

“This is wonderful for the community and it’s exciting to have V-103 here which is like my family. This is the community I work in and the community I pour myself in,” Manuel said.

“Ryan [Cameron] does so much in the south DeKalb area and now we’re helping others outside the community.”

Volunteers said individuals can donate by texting Harvey 2017 to 91999 to support the Hurricane Harvey relief fund.

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