Scoutmaster honored in Dunwoody


Helps locate missing elderly man on a hunch


 On May 16, Dunwoody resident and Boy Scout Troop 477 leader Barry Deutsch joined other community members in tracking down an elderly man who had been reported as missing.

 Rumors spread that the man may have dementia or similar medical issues that caused him to wander from his familiar surroundings. The man is 89 years old and he disappeared around 7 p.m. in the evening.

 According to Dunwoody Police Department Chief Billy Grogan, a hunch from the local scoutmaster may have saved the missing man’s life.

 “We did the usual things that we do—we started looking for him and put something out on social media. We also put out the info on [Georgia Crime Information Center] to search statewide. We activated an Alpha Unit K-9 Rescue Team to assist with the search,” Grogan said.

 Grogan said Deutsch and Councilwoman Lynn Deutsch were among the volunteers who assisted in the search. While completing the task of providing water to volunteers, the couple learned through social media that the man had been seen in an area of Dunwoody.

 “So they went looking,” Grogan said.

 According to Grogan, Barry found the man off the roadway in a ravine. He had fallen, hit his head and remained unfound for approximately seven hours.

 “He was in a pretty serious medical condition,” Grogan said.

 Grogan said Deutsch used his training to stabilize the man while Lynn notified emergency personnel.

 Barry Deutsch was awarded the Certificate of Merit on Aug. 28. He will again be recognized at Troop 477’s next meeting by Dunwoody Lt. Fidel Espinoza.

 “God forbid what would have happened if [the Deutsch’s] had not located him,” Grogan said.

 Deutsch called the event “an interesting evening.” He credited the efforts of local law enforcement as well as his wife for coming together to solve a community issue.

“I want to commend the police force—they were doing an excellent job,” Deutsch said. “There were even helicopters and multiple dog teams out. It was all a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Whenever you get one of those alerts, if you can do something, do it.”

 Dunwoody Councilman John Heneghan called Deutsch an “everyday hero who unselfishly gives his time and talents to make this a better community.”

 “I cannot say with certainty that my friend, Mr. Barry Deutsch, actually saved a man’s life but I can tell you that [he] goes beyond the call of duty serving his community as a leader with Boy Scout Troop 477, where he has taught leadership and service to hundreds of young men in our community,” Heneghan said. “Thank you Barry for saving this man’s life and thank you for all that you do in our community!”

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